Monday, August 17, 2009


Marc Ash Fight for the Public Option
"As August comes to a close, one of the most important debates in American history will come to a point of decision making. Will Americans have the option to support their own health care system if they choose? It will not only be important as a political precedent or as policy statement; it will be a landmark moment socially. Will we as Americans care for Americans in illness and need? The conflict could not be more stark, the stakes any higher."

Obama Picks Fight With Left on Health Reform
Ian Swanson, The Hill: "In backing away from its support for a public option in healthcare reform, the Obama administration is picking a fight with the liberal wing of the Democratic party. Liberal Democrats have insisted a public insurance option is necessary to ensure competition for private insurers. Just this week, former Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean predicted there could be Democratic primary challenges if a healthcare bill without a public option is approved by Congress."

[Duchess Note - The Insurance and Big Pharma lobbyists have been "working on" many in the Senate and Congress for years with bribes, and report huge lies to Americans. When it comes to Obama, just follow the campaign money trail and that will tell you the whole story on were his loyalities stand. (Yeah, he talk pretty, but those honey words cover up lies.) The DC Beltway never wanted "Single Payer" on the table, and its all about making things cosy for insurance and big pharma, at the expense of Americans health. Those like Conyers and Kucinich want Universal Healthcare for ALL Americans, but sadly they are in the minority on Capital Hill. "We the People" need to put constant pressure on our representatives and continually demand Universal Healthcare like other "democratic" countries have utilized for years. If we don't rise up as one, well, nothing will get done.]


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