Thursday, January 21, 2010


US Corporations, Private Mercenaries and the IMF Rush in to Profit from Haiti’s Crisis
Benjamin Dangl, Toward Freedom
In the midst of a colossal human disaster, Washingon is promoting unpopular economic policies and extending military and economic control over the Haitian people.

How Bush/Cheney Policy Screwed Haiti
James Ridgeway, Mother Jones

How Corporate Branding Took Over the White House
Naomi Klein, Fourth Estate

Avatar Half-Tells a Story We Would All Prefer to Forget
George Monbiot,
The real story of what happened to Native Americans is a story NO one wants to hear, because of the challenge it presents to the way we choose to see ourselves.

Robert Naiman: Blocking Doctors? Let the Aid to Haiti Go Through

Jane Hamsher: Dear President Obama: Time to Stop Letting Corporations Write the Health Care Bill

William Astore: A Very American Coup: Coming Soon to a Hometown Near You


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