Monday, June 07, 2010

Tuesday evening, May 18th, I attended the LOST meetup at the Irish Rogue pub. I got to hang out with Jax, Deborah, Elena, Shannon, Erik, Sarah and Jenni.

Friday morning, May 21st, Lisa and I hosted the BSC CPE Cross Training session at work. I wish I could say it went smoothly, but sadly it didn’t. I’m just glad it is over and done with, as doing “cross-training” can be stressful. That evening I joined other Losties at “The Philosophy of Lost” event at 49 Grove in Greenwich Village. This event was so much fun, interesting and informative. Many who attended I know from the NYC LOST meetup. Three sets of “panel discussions” on philosophy and its connection with regards to LOST. I really enjoyed this event, and a terrific way to round out a long, hectic work week.

Sunday evening, May 23rd, I attended the season finale of LOST at “Down the Hatch” in Greenwich Village. This was the unofficial final NYC LOST meetup and the turnout at the pub was quite large. Throughout the evening I mostly hung out with Deborah, Jax, Elena, Erin, Adam, Daniel, Kevin, Greg, Shannon and Erik. We had drinks, ate pub food, socialized, won LOST door prizes, digital cameras caught “candid” moments, and we watched our fav tv show. [I even won a door prize, plus a "Down the Hatch" t-shirt.] Many were in tears and feeling emotional during the season finale. Those at “Down the Hatch” had mixed feelings regarding the ending of LOST, but overall I was pleased with it. I had a feeling not all of our questions would be answered. Deborah and I hung out after the season finale to watch the Jimmy Kimmel Show, which featured several of the actors from LOST. I got home around 2am ... exhausted and with visions of LOST whirling around my noggin. Good thing I took that Monday off from work. I spent a portion of the day reading the blogs on LOST, chatting on FB and catching up on emails.

Tuesday evening, May 25th, I participated in the NYdoPeace CCR team conference call.

Friday morning, May 28th, I had an appointment with my eye doctor for specific tests to see if my lung meds are affecting the eyes. There seems to be a slight issue regarding my right eye. My doctor will be monitoring it over next month or so. After my appointment I headed uptown to the office for abit before meeting my friend Sheila at Port Authority. She was coming into the city from NJ for the day and I was taking her on a “walking tour” of Brooklyn Heights. While walking around we ran into an acquaintance of mine [Marjorie] and chatted for abit. Sheila and I also checked out Plymouth Church and received a personal tour from Lois. It was a very enjoyable tour, which usually takes place at 12pm on Sundays. Afterwards we had a delicious lunch at Siggy’s on Henry Street. Did more of the tour with a brief rest stop on the promenade, continued the tour and ended up on Montague Street to partake of dessert at Heights Cafe. Then a leisurely stroll back to the A/C subway to head back into Manhattan to take Sheila back to Port Authority. [Duchess Note – Stay tuned for photos from the “walking tour”.]

May 29th through June 1st ... visit my family in upstate NY for the long Memorial Day holiday weekend. Had a nice, relaxing weekend ... helped out around the yard, rode my bike, farmers market, tag sales, cable tv, hair salon, toast vegan marshmallows at the firepit, relax on the screened in porch, sleep late, Memorial Day parade, picnic, etc, etc.


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