Saturday, April 09, 2011

The Cost of War is Killing Brooklyn

Ten billion dollars has been taken from Brooklyn taxpayers to pay for the destructive wars in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2001

U.S. wars have created a trail of death and destruction overseas. They are also wreaking havoc on our economy. For just the $1 billion Brooklynites will pay for war in 2011, we could have had 11,397 school teachers, or provided 325,900 Brooklyn households with renewable solar electricity. What the U.S. will spend this year on Afghanistan alone would cover ALL the state budget deficits combined, with money left over for other needs.

Instead, thousands of teachers are threatened with layoff, hospitals, day care and senior centers are shut down, and mass transit is cut back. Each soldier tragically sent to Afghanistan for a year, and every cruise missile fired in Libya, is another million taken from human needs in the U.S.

Protest to stop the wars and move the money from warfare to schools, jobs, housing and healthcare NOW.

P.S. Save the date for the Brooklyn Peace Fair 2011, on Saturday, May 7th [12-5pm] at Brooklyn College Student Center, with host Juan Gonzalez and many workshops, events, video, music and discussions.

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Thank you and be peace.


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