Monday, April 04, 2011


Dems: Potential Cuts to Medicaid Outlined by Administration 'Cruel'

Obama Gears Up for Hard Sell on Libya

Winner-take-All Politics: How Washington Made the Rich Richer and Turned its Back on the Middle Class
Jacob Hacker & Paul Pierson

Ralph Nader: Obama's March Madness

Bill Quigley: Prison for Peacemakers in Tacoma, Washington

Phyllis Bennis: Attack on Libya May Unleash a Long War

Stan Karp: Who’s Bashing Teachers and Public Schools and What Can We Do About It?

Half a Million People Descended on London to Protest Corporate Tax Dodgers “This is Economic Treason!”
Amy Goodman, Johann Hari and Allison Kilkenny!%22/?akid=6744.9992.axFtZq&rd=1&t=1

Meet Jim Messina, Obama’s ‘Enforcer’ Against Progressives
Ari Berman, The Nation

Ohio Moves Toward Wisconsin-Style limits on Worker Rights

GE 'Zero' US Tax Furor Reignites Calls for Reform

BP Execs May Face Manslaughter Charges

Walmart 'Sexism' Case Before US Supreme Court

Matthew Rothschild: Obama’s Unconvincing Case on Libya

Karen Greenberg: America's Growing Intolerance

Ray McGovern: Only Thing Clear About Obama's Afghan Policy: It's a Disaster

Dean Baker: The Rich Get Richer While Nurses, Teachers, and Firefighters Get Trounced

John Nichols: Obama Tries, Without Success, To Explain An Undeclared War

Susan Feiner: Assault on Public Unions an Affront to Women's Historic Gains


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