Monday, May 16, 2011


Tuesday, March 1st, I had an appt with my lung specialist, and I’m improving though will always need to utilize the inhalers at least once a day. Also need to schedule an appt with my internal medicine doctor about allergy consultation, plus a new CTSCAN.

Thursday evening, March 3rd, I attended TGTSNBN monthly meetup at Stone Creek tavern for discussion on books 1 and 2 of the HP series.

Tuesday, March 8th, I finally got to my foot doctor for therapy, after having to reschedule due to being in the hospital in January. My doctor also mentioned that I should wear special “pads” in my shoes to assist the Metatarsal bones. Especially in regards to my left foot ... sigh ... always troubles with my left foot.

Wednesday, March 9th, I participated in the NydoPeace CCR team conference call.

Thursday, March 10th, I joined my fellow Peace Fair committee companions for a productive meeting.

March 11 to 13, I headed upstate NY for a nice, relaxing weekend visit with the parents.

Thursday, March 17th, I volunteered at WCW national office to assist with prep work for the upcoming Left Forum, plus learn how to access and edit their online calendar.

Friday, March 18th, I had a chiropractor appt and felt good to get the adjustments.

On Saturday evening, March 19th, I headed out to the local park in my hood to watch the rising of the “super moon”, plus attempt to take photos of it.

Sunday, March 20th, I volunteered with WCW in the exhibit and tabling area at the Left Forum, which was held at Pace University.

Thursday, March 24th, I attended a presentation and book signing of Brad Klausen’s latest in rock concert posters at Bluestockings. Brad was the graphic designer for one of my fav rock bands, Pearl Jam, for 10 years. In 2007 he started “Artillery Design” and creating images for rock concert posters for assorted groups. His wonderfully visual and terrific book ... “From a Basement in Seattle” was on sale.

Friday, March 25th, I joined other members of TGTSNBN at Paprika restaurant for Michelle and Alex’s one year anniversary dinner party.

Saturday, March 26th, was a busy day with salon appt at BLOW in Manhattan, and then taking MetroNorth to Mt Kisco for the Fox Lane class reunion. Reunion was held for graduating classes of 1975, 1976 and my class of 1977. It was an awesome party and beautifully organized by Liz and Lea. It was great seeing many of my classmates and catching up on news. I also shared a hotel room with my friend Katherine.

On Sunday, March 27th, another busy day with brunch at Mt Kisco diner with my friend Katherine. Afterwards, we checked out the FL high school and middle school grounds, and then I jump on MetroNorth to Manhattan for the "Tolkien Reading Day" event at Simple Studios. I had invited TJ as my guest, and he gave one of the better, lively readings. A group of us went out to dinner afterwards at an excellent restaurant suggested by Carole.

Wednesday, March 30th, I participated in the NydoPeace and CCR team conference call regarding Resolution 14 and new website. Earlier same day I had a terrific phone call discussion with Kevin Carroll, who is legislative director at Councilmember Levin’s office. This is my district councilmember and our conversation was mostly on Resolution 14, plus peace groups in Brooklyn area.

Thursday, March 31st, I joined my fellow Peace Fair committee members for a productive meeting. Earlier in the day I learned that my councilmember [Levin] became a co-sponsor of Resolution 14. WooHoo!


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