Monday, May 16, 2011


Weekend of April 2nd & 3rd ... Low key weekend of errands, clean apt, shopping, cleaners, manicure, gym, obtaining sponsors for Peace Fair, catch up on computer items, and strolling around the hood photog Kodak moments.

Tuesday, April 5th, I joined Debbie and Linda in attending the “Harry Potter – The Exhibition” at Discovery Times Square at lunch time. Had a great time hanging with them and the exhibition was terrific, and even purchased a few items in the gift shop. That evening I volunteered at the WCW national office and assisted with data entry on their website.

Wednesday, April 6th, had a doctor’s appt to learn if I am allergic to dairy, and found out I am lactose intolerant.

Thursday, April 7th, I attended TGTSNBN meetup at Stone Creek, and it was improv night with general theme’s taken from HP books 3 and 4.

Friday, April 8th, I rented, and watched, the “Wild Wild West” TV series DVD.

Saturday, April 9th, I participated with other members of “Brooklyn for Peace” at the “Stop the Wars” rally in Union Square from 12-2pm. From there hundreds and hundreds of protesters marched down Broadway to Foley Square near City Hall. I enjoyed sharing little moments and protesting with BforP on April 9th. Back when I first got "into" activism in early 2003, I did many things by myself. I didn't know anyone or specific groups. By 2004 things had changed and since then even more so. It’s been a continuous learning curve for me and I'm glad this "path" chose me. I thought the turnout on the 9th was pretty decent, and wished people along the March route left their fears behind them and joined us. It’s such a liberating feeling! Despite the NYC cops trying to pen us in, and at times getting about "in your face", the march spanned many city blocks down Broadway. It was a terrific sight to see. Again, I wish more people joined us to express how they really feel about the wars, job loss, healthcare, education, etc. Afterwards I did some shopping on upper Eastside of Manhattan, and then home to finish watching the DVD rental.

Monday, April 11th, I worked overtime to catch up on important projects.

Tuesday, April 12th, I had an appt for therapy with my foot doctor. Afterwards, I took the subway uptown to the World Can’t Wait national office to volunteer and assist with data entry.

Wednesday evening, April 13th, I joined in on a special Peace Alliance conference call with guest speaker Congressman Kucinich. Discussion was on the re-introduction of HR808 and working towards a national kick off campaign for the Dept of Peace.

Thursday, April 14th, I joined my fellow Peace Fair committee members for a productive meeting.

Friday, April 15th, I had to work overtime to catch up on important projects.

Saturday, April 16th, after business with my bank and a chiropractor visit; I headed into the city to join other TGTSNBN members in viewing the DVD release of “Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows – Pt1”. Afterwards I headed uptown to Best Buy and purchased the DVD, which I watched later in the evening.

Sunday, April 17th, I had a one-on-one discussion with Stitch, who is manager of Gothic Renaissance, about sponsorship with TGTSNBN. Afterwards I ran into Wendy, who works in both the Halloween shop next door and also GR. I haven’t seen or talked with her since 2002, and we jumped into conversation as if it’d only been last week.

Monday/Tuesday, April 18th & 19th, I had to work OT at the office due to tax season.

Thursday, April 21st, I attended the “NY Friends of Tolkien” meetup, and it was quite enjoyable.

Weekend of April 22nd to 24th I spent with family in upstate NY for Easter. Had a nice, relaxing time and even helped Dad with some yard work.

April 25th and 26th, worked overtime at the office.

Wednesday, April 27th, I participated in the NYdoPeace and CCR team conference call regarding Resolution 14.

Thursday, April 28th, I joined my fellow Peace Fair committee members for a productive meeting. This was our last "official" meeting before the Peace Fair on May 7th.

Friday evening, April 29th, after work, I walked around the neighborhood asking assorted businesses to display the pretty Brooklyn Peace Fair poster. I also distributed the postcards on several blocks.

Saturday afternoon, April 30th, I was given "one on one" cooking lessons by Mukti, who is a fellow member of the BFP Peace Fair committee at her home. She was teaching me how to prepare some tasty vegan Indian dishes.


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