Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Bank of America Death Watch – 600 Branches to Close

As Study Links 9/11 Debris to Cancer, Details Emerge on How Officials Downplayed Ground Zero Dangers

In Post 9/11 America, Can Reasonable Hope Win Out Against Fear and Misdirected Resentment?
Jim Sleeper, AlterNet

Noam Chomsky: 9/11 and the Imperial Mentality

Matt Taibbi: Obama and Jobs: Why I Don't Believe Him Anymore

Peter Hart: 10 Years of 9/11 Wars is Enough

Ann Wright: Peace Prizes for War Presidents, Missile Tests on Day of Peace

Robert Jensen: Imperial Delusions: Ignoring the Lessons of 9/11

Wendy Mink: The Payroll Tax Holiday: Talk about a Ponzi Scheme!

Pierre Tristam: Obama’s Job Jig: Pin-Up to GOP Voodoo

Poll: Europeans Favor UN Statehood for Palestine

Explosion Rocks French Plutonium Plant

Capital Gains Tax Rates Benefiting Wealthy Feed Growing Gap Between Rich and Poor

Glenn Greenwald: We Refuse to Live in Fear!

Mark Vorpahl: Longshoreman's Union Rises to the Challenge

[Duchess Note: More "new" coming down the turnpike. Stay tuned......]


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