Thursday, September 01, 2011


Monday, August 1st, I volunteered at the WCW national office, and assisted with updating their FB page, plus their main database.

Tuesday, August 2nd, I participated in the monthly Peace Alliance conference call.

Thursday, August 4th, I joined other members of TGTSNBN for the monthly meetup. The main topic was a lively, fascinating discussion regarding the recent HP/DH2 film.

Saturday, August 6th, I travelled via MetroNorth up to South Norwalk, CT for the annual SoNo Art Show. Unfortunately, my dear friend Katherine couldn’t attend due to work commitment and pet issues. That evening I packed a weekend bag, and headed to the upper Westside to camp out at my friend Margaret’s home. I was spending the night, as we had to get up early next morning to go to Ren Faire.

Sunday, August 7th, I went to the Sterling Forest Ren Faire [Tuxedo, NY] with Margaret, Rebecca, Bonnie and Sam for the day. Rebecca rented a car and we drove to and from the event. The weather, while it didn’t rain until after the Ren Faire, was warm and very humid. Overall we had a really good time, took a camel ride, checked out all the booths, living chess game, maypole dance, belly dancing, aerial acrobatics and of course the joust tourney at the end. We stopped at an IHOP on the way back to the city for dinner and to sit out most of the nasty thunderstorm.

Tuesday, August 9th, I attended the Green Party county meeting in Brooklyn. Main discussion was on the election bylaws for the Greens and upcoming events.

Wednesday, August 10th, I participated in the BFP Peace Fair committee meeting, of which I am a member.

Thursday, August 11th, I hung out at a soccer match with a friend [ie: Fran] of mine near my hood, and afterwards a group of us went to dinner at a Polish restaurant.

Friday morning, August 12th, I had breakfast with a high school friend [ie: David Reddy] of mine who was visiting NYC. We connected last year via FB, and hadn’t seen each other since our class 20th reunion in 1997.

Saturday afternoon, August 13th, I volunteered with City Harvest at the farmers market in Union Square.

Sunday, August 14th, I joined friends and members of TGTSNBN to see the HP exhibition in Times Square. [photo below]

Monday, August 15th, I took a sick day from work, as my lower back went out again. I needed treatment, therapy, adjustments at my chiropractor’s office.

Tuesday evening, August 16th, I volunteered at the WCW national office to assist with updating their main database, and create proposals.

Thursday evening, August 18th, I had a delightful time at the "NYC Tolkien & Fantasy" meetup. I got to hang out wit Carole, Mary, TJ, Laura, Talena and Jackie. Conversations were diverse, interesting and never a dull moment.

August 19th – 21st ... Visit with Peter, Nadine and their dog Sparky at their charming weekend homestead up in the Catskills. Saturday we engaged in a 3-hour hike along parts of the lovely, scenic Minnewaska State Park and that evening watched “The Dirty Dozen” on PBS. On Sunday mostly hung out around the homestead before heading into New Paltz for a delicious lunch at Karma Road Cafe, plus some shopping, before taking the bus back to NYC. Overall I enjoyed a terrific weekend.

Monday, August 22nd, I had another appt with my chiropractor, and my lower back is much improved from the week before.

Tuesday, August 23rd, a 5.8 earthquake hit the state of Virginia, which was felt from the Carolina’s up to the New England states.

August 27th & 28th the NYC area survived the onslaught of Hurricane Irene, which downgraded to a tropical storm. Stocked up on bottled water, new flashlight, non-perishables and used masking tape on the windows to secure them. Service on the MTA, LIRR, MetroNorth, PATH, etc was suspended for 24+ hours. Thankfully my area in northern Brooklyn didn’t lose power and the damage was minimal.

Wednesday, August 31st, attended a lecture on racism at Revolution Books in Manhattan.


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