Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Thursday, August 2nd, I had an appt with Dr Tan in Chinatown.

Saturday, August 4th, I visited with my good friend Katherine in northwestern CT and after a tasty lunch at a Chinese buffet, we attended the Goshen 4H Fair.

Sunday, August 5th, I attended the Hatha yoga class in my hood, and in the afternoon I hung out with Sam in Manhattan to check out MMoA / dinner.  Despite the warm and humid weather it was a good day.

Tuesday evening, August 8th, I attended and participated in the monthly BFP PF committee meeting.  It was productive and diverse.

Friday, August 10th, I did volunteer work with City Harvest down at Union Square farmers market.

Saturday afternoon, August 11th, after Dana cleaned my apt, I took mass transit out to Bayside [Queens] to visit Debbie and Linda.  We noshed on tasty food, drank wine, watched the Olympics and caught up on news/gossip.  Debbie’s condo is really nice and situated in a charming gated community.

Sunday, August 12th, I attended the Hatha yoga class in my hood, and later in the day I headed into Manhattan to stroll along the High Line.

Monday evening, August 13th, I did volunteer work at the WCW national office.

Thursday evening, August 16th, my friend Rebecca Irvin stopped by to provide “massage therapy”, catch up on news and nosh on vegan hazelnut/chocolate cake.  Rebecca is about 4-5 months shy of obtaining her official degree / license.  She needs the practice and I am a willing guinea pig.  She brought her own table and all the necessary accoutrements, plus was mindful of my health issues.

Saturday afternoon, August 18th, I headed up to New Canaan and Pound Ridge to meet up with Melanie Climis and her friend Lisa.  We strolled around abit of New Canaan, had a delicious lunch at CAVA on Forest Street, purchased Belgian chocolates, and visited Melanie’s family in Pound Ridge.  Afterwards I caught a ride with Lisa, as she had to drive into Manhattan to meet with friends on the upper Westside.

Sunday afternoon, August 19th, I attended a NYC Tolkien event at Simple Studios regarding the epic poem BEOWULF and its influence on Tolkien.

Monday morning, August 20th, while at work around 11am, I started to cough up some blood due to my chronic lung condition.  It wasn’t abating much, so I called my lung specialist.  When he called me back, he advised that I go to emergency room at NY Methodist in Brooklyn.  Talked with my Administrative Mgrs and EA co-workers on my floor, and apprised them of the situation.  Car service was provided for me to take it home, so I could pack a small overnight bag, call my parents and leave messages on FB etc.  Ambulance came at 1:40pm to take me to the hospital and was released after tests et al at 6pm to come home.

On Tuesday, August 21st, I took a sick day from work to rest up and also visit with my lung specialist for follow-up to hospital visit.  In the evening, as co-chair, I participated in a productive BFP AandC committee conference call.

Friday, August 24th, I did volunteer work with City Harvest down at Union Square farmers market.

On Saturday afternoon, August 25th, I visited Greenwood Cemetery here in ole Brooklyn.  I haven’t visited, nor toured this beautiful cemetery in 10 years and been meaning to for quite some time.

Sunday, August 26th, I attended the Hatha yoga class in my hood and after changing/ freshening up I headed into the city for an acupuncture appt with Dr Tan.  Afterwards had lunch, fun shopping and then an enjoyable ride home on the East River ferry from the Wall Street pier.  That makes 4 times this summer that I’ve ridden the ferry.

Monday, August 27th, after work, I participated in a protest at West 49th Street outside NBC studios regarding their horrible reality shows.

Wednesday, August 29th, I attended the Hatha yoga class in my hood.

Friday, August 31st, I had appts with my chiropractor and acupuncturist.


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