Sunday, September 30, 2012


Sept 1st to 4th, I visited with the parents, brother and sister-in-law in upstate NY.  Weather the whole time was great  :-D

On Sept 5th, I attended the evening Hatha yoga class in my hood.

On Sept 6th, I had my first “fitting” for the Hufflepuff Gibson Girl style ensemble that my friend Wendy is creating.

On Sept 7th, I had final fitting of the Hufflepuff Gibson Girl style ensemble and Wendy stated it was done, so I could take it home.  Hurray!  Need to do alot ironing, especially the skirt part of it.

Sept 8th, I was supposed to attend TGTSNBN cosplay in northern Central Park, but at last minute I declined due to very inclement weather.  I wore my costume anyway for 1 ½ hours to get a better feel of it, and took pix.  My friend Gail came over to see the ensemble and helped out with the photos.

Sept 9th, I visited Dr Tan for acupuncture treatment on my right foot, which has developed Morton’s Neuroma.  Damn!  Dr Tan says the treatment will help out, so I don’t have to get surgery.  I sure hope so!  Afterwards I joined Debbie, Margaret and Mari to see “Raiders of the Lost Ark” in IMAX and we all really enjoyed it.  Then it was off to a diner on 9th Avenue for abit of dinner and chatter.

Sept 11th, I had another appt with Dr Tan and acupuncture treatment for my right foot.

Sept 12th, I assisted with other BSC EA’s at an offsite EY event for the whole day [ie: 7am to 6pm and a tasty lunch were included.]

Sept 13th, I assisted with an EY event at the office that ran from 5pm to 9pm.  More OT!

Sept 14th, I had to come in early [7:30am] to the office to assist with an EY event, and then left at 5pm for acupuncture appt.

Sept 15th, I visited my friend Sheila in NJ for the day.  During the afternoon we drove into Princeton for a wee walkabout, plus some shopping.  The weather was so lovely.  Afterwards, we had a nice dinner at a Chinese restaurant near her home.

Sept 16th, I joined other NYC Tolkien fan/friends in heading up to Valley Cottage [ie: bus] for Timdalf’s annual picnic.  This picnic is in celebration of Bilbo and Frodo’s respective birthdays in the Shire.

Sept 18th, earlier in the day I went to see my foot doctor and found out I don’t have Morton’s Neuroma, but a “transverse stress fracture on the 3rd metatarsal of my right foot”.  Good news is I don’t need surgery.  The foot is now wrapped up and in a bootie for at least 2 weeks.  I am also off work the 19th through 23rd and back to office on the 24th.  Have to keep foot elevated.  I brought laptop and paperwork home to take care of over next few days.  Later on I joined in, via conference call, with the monthly BFP PF committee meeting.

On Sept 19th, Debbie and Jenna helped me out with doing laundry, grocery shopping and hanging out while watching David Tennant as Doctor Who.  Jenna made the most delicious chocolate chip and spice muffins for me.  Yummers!

On Sept 22nd, my friend Gail stopped by to assist me with grocery shopping and getting stamps.  That evening I chatted with my friend Michelle on the phone and then on Sunday evening I chatted with Josee on the phone.

Sept 25th, I had a follow up appt with my foot doctor.  He checked it over, got some therapy for it, wrapped up again and wearing the bootie for another week.

Sept 26th, "Yeah, diss here be Times Square", so said the #7 subway conductor as our train entered the station during commute this morning.  Obviously “grammar” is not a strong point with many of the MTA conductors.

Evening of Sept 27th, I left work around 7pm and took a taxi down to the B&N in Union Square to pick up JK Rowling’s new book [The Casual Vacancy].  From there I took a taxi home, so as to give my foot a rest and not deal with the subways.

On Sept 28th, I joined in on the first of a bi-weekly photography course at work called “The FSO Photography Initiative”.  Course is being taught by Alec Sergeyev, a professional photographer & EY Senior Manager.

On Sept 29th, my cleaning lady, Dana, came over to take care of my apartment and she told me about her recent trip to Poland.  Later in the afternoon I had a much needed manicure.


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