Monday, June 03, 2013

May 2nd, I attended the open community meeting regarding “New/Old Faces of War and Crises at Home”.  Topics of discussion were … Can we effectively integrate our work on the continuing wars, militarized foreign and domestic policy, climate change, and the economic crisis here at home?  **Budget cuts? Sequester? Drones? Fracking? Pipelines? Occupied Territories? War in Afghanistan? Gun violence?  Can organizing around these multiple issues help us build a peace and justice movement?  This event was held at The Commons and hosted by BFP in place of the usual monthly board meeting.

On May 4th, my friend Sheila came into Manhattan from NJ for a visit, and we hung out down in the Greenwich Village area.  Nice, sunny day though abit breezy.  After Sheila headed home, I went to visit Wendy at the theater for a “fitting” of latest ensemble.

On May 5th, I had the weekly private yoga class with Fabrice, and then it was off to Manhattan for appt with Dr Tan.  Afterwards, I visited Wendy for fittings of latest ensemble.

On May 6th, I visited Wendy at the costume shop for final fitting of the fancy robes I will be wearing during the fashion showcase at Misti-con.  After work I had a much needed appt with my chiropractor.

May 7th, I picked up the fancy robes from Wendy at costume shop.  Robes are abit heavy, lots of moiré fabric and they drape, swirl real nice.

May 9th thru 13th, I attended my first ever Harry Potter convention in Laconia, NH.  It was called Misti-Con and it was a lot of fun.  I attended many workshops, chill with friends; participate in the Fashion Showcase, masquerade ball, Gala Opening Ceremony and so much more.  Upon returning home I was ill with sinus/lung infections from the crazy hours, not always eating healthy and weather conditions.

May 15th, I stopped by to see Deanna after work and paid her back money I borrowed during Misti-Con weekend.  An ex-TGTSNBN member [Wendy] was visiting her.

May 17th, I left work abit early, so I could see Dr Tan about my health issues.  No acupuncture treatment, but was given herbs and told to take them twice a day and come back for treatment on Monday.  He said not only do I have allergy issues, due to high pollen count, but also sinus / lung infection.

May 19th, I had the weekly private yoga class with Fabrice and we took slowly due to my health concerns.

May 20th, I had a follow up appt with Dr Tan after work for treatment and more herbs.

May 25th to 28th, visit with the parents in upstate NY for the Memorial Day holiday weekend.

May 30th, I attended the monthly BFP A&C committee meeting and it was very productive.  Plus, we welcomed two new people [ie: Judith and Susan] to the team.

May 31st, I had an appt with Dr Tan, and afterwards my weekly private yoga class with Fabrice.


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