Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Protests around the World are keeping the Spirit of Occupy Alive
John Harris, The Guardian

Documents Show IRS Also Screened Liberal Groups
Alan Fram, The Big Story

5 Ways the U.S. Government Has Built ‘An Architecture of Oppression’
Tom Hintze, AlterNet

Obama Uses Major Climate Speech to Cheerland for Natural Gas Industry; Keystone XL Fate Still Undecided
Tara Lohan, AlterNet

Hours Before Death, Hastings Claimed the FBI was on His Tail

Critics: Obama's Plan Fails Urgency Climate Crisis Demands

Supreme Court Puts 'Dagger in the Heart' of Voting Rights Act

Study: Drinking Water Contamination Linked to Fracking, Horizontal Drilling

Jeremy Scahill: Is Journalism Being Criminalized?

Elizabeth Warren on Trans-Pacific Partnership:  If People Knew What was Going on, They Would Stop It
Eric Dolan, The Raw Story

How Giving Spying Power to Giant Corporations is Dangerous to Your Future
Joshua Holland, AlterNet

How the Transition Movement is Spreading to Towns Across America
Jessica Stites, In These Times


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