Thursday, March 31, 2016

March 2nd, I had two health related appts today and both were regarding my long suffering left foot.

March 3rd, I attended the informative and productive monthly BFP board meeting.

March 4th, I participated in a watercolor painting workshop in my hood.

March 5th, I had a private yoga class with Fabrice at my apt.

March 6th, I watched the wonderful season six finale of Downton Abbey.  Six wonderful years of amazing British drama, style, fashion, and yes, even some comedy.

March 7th, I had a private yoga class with Fabrice at my apt.

March 8th, I participated in the productive monthly BFP Fundraising meeting via conference call.

March 9th, I had an appt with my internal medicine doctor after work and got a prescription for springtime allergies.

March 11th, I had an appt with my dentist at NYU Dentistry in the morning, and the final prep work was completed, plus battle plan drawn up.  The cost for this dental work will run me about $18,000 and take place over next 6 to 8 months.  From there I took a taxi to work and then after work I participated in the last watercolor painting workshop in my hood.  As to the latter, it was great fun, and enjoyed working with Holly.

March 12th, after Dana finished cleaning my apt, I headed out to do several errands and chores before my private yoga class with Fabrice.  After yoga, I headed over to “HeART by Hand”, and finished my watercolor painting under Holly’s instructions.

March 13th, I had a much needed manicure appt followed by a late lunch at The Jungle Café.

March 16th, I had to take a “sick day” from work, as I had important documents being delivered by UPS and needed to sign for them.  Also had an appt with my physical therapist for continued treatment of my left foot/ankle.

March 19th, started off with my private yoga class with Fabrice, before heading down to Charlotte’s place for the 3rd annual BFP A&C committee retreat.  Six were in attendance for the retreat and we got much accomplished.

March 20th, I was joined at my humble apt by friends [ie: Wendy, Margaret and Debbie] to watch “Pride & Prejudice” on DVDs, and nosh on great food from The Jungle Café.

March 21st, I took half a vacation day, as I had a dental procedure done at NYU Dentistry, and then headed over to the office for remainder of the day.

March 22nd, I visited my friend Larry after work, and as we noshed on a lite dinner he did my 2015 taxes.

March 23rd, I participated in the annual Tolkien Reading Day event at the Jefferson Market Library with other members from NYC Friends of Tolkien.

March 25th to 27th, I visited the parents for the Easter holiday weekend, plus got to see my brother and sister-in-law.  Had a bit of an incident on Saturday afternoon with the cops and burning leaves and twigs in the parent’s front yard. I didn't know there is a burning ban in New York State and I am thankful I wasn't given a $1,500 ticket. It had me very nervous throughout it all. I am a city gal just helping out the parents and know nothing of these rules. I do now!

On March 27th, in the evening, I had a private yoga class with Fabrice at the apt.  Afterwards I watch the second season opening episode of “Grantchester” on PBS.

March 29th, I attended a BFP forum held at The Commons called “The Fight for Energy Democracy”.  Very informative and the two guest speakers [ie: Sean Sweeney and Kim Fraczek] spoke with passion and insight.  To get involved; go to or


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