Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May 1st, I joined friends at the Pennsy food court at MSG to celebrate Thom’s birthday.  Afterwards, I headed home to catch the season two finale of Grantchester on PBS.

May 2nd, after work I joined an acquaintance [Daniel] at MSG to see Pearl Jam in concert.  We were in the disabled persons section only 25 feet from the stage.  It’s been 8 years since I last saw Pearl Jam live and I had such a good time at the concert.  It was great!  Guests who performed on stage with the band were members from Cheap Trick and The Police front man Sting.  Concert ran over 2.5 hours and there was no warm up band.

May 4th, with gift cards I received for Administrative Assistant Day, I headed to Barnes & Noble after work to make purchases of DVDs / CDs.

May 6th, I had a successful and stress free root canal attended to at NYU Dentistry in the morning, and then headed to work afterwards.

On May 7th, I joined 12 other NYC TGTSNBN members / friends in heading up to CT for a fun day of HP cosplay at Castle Gillette.  Weather was overcast and abit nippy, but at least the rain held off so we could engage in interesting cosplay on the castle grounds.

On May 8th, I joined my friend TJ in going to see the new Captain America – Civil War film in the cinema.  We both enjoyed the film.  Afterwards, we went out to dinner at a local Chinese restaurant and talked about the movie, plus other comics and films.

May 9th, I had a private yoga class at my apt with Fabrice.

May 10th, I attended the monthly BFP Fundraising committee meeting at Ken’s house.  It was very productive and informative.

On May 14th, after Dana cleaned my apt, I headed out to the hood to take care of errands and laundry.  Had a late lunch at The Jungle Café and then strolled along a “nature walk” near Newtown Creek.  That evening I watched one of my new DVDs called “The Artist”.  Great movie!

On May 15th, I volunteered to assist with BFP tabling at the annual 5th Avenue Festival in the afternoon.  Weather was windy and chilly.

May 16th, I had “part two” of a root canal, which was abit more painful, at NYU Dentistry in the morning, and then headed to work afterwards.

May 17th, I attended the monthly BFP A&C committee meeting at Charlotte’s house.  It was very productive and informative.

May 18th, I had a dental appt at NYU Dentistry in the morning for cavity work and a temporary crown.  Process was abit uncomfortable and slightly painful.  Afterwards I headed to the office for work.

May 21st, I met up with my friend Sam in Manhattan, and we hung out with other “NYC Friends of Tolkien” at the monthly meetup.  It was an enjoyable afternoon spent with friends and acquaintances chatting on assorted topics.  Afterwards, I went to see “Captain America – Civil War” film, and it is even better the second time around.  Yeah baby, I am TeamCap!

On Sunday, May 22nd, as an impromptu adventure, I joined my friend Dennis in visiting the New York Botanical Gardens, which are located in the Bronx.  While there we saw the Impressionist floral exhibit in the Haupt Conservatory and also took a delightful tram ride around the wooded area of the gardens.  Afterwards, we drove the western part of the Bronx to check out the Wave Hill estate, which overlooks the Hudson River to the Palisades.  Then on to a Red Lobster for a delicious dinner.

May 25th, I had a dental appt at NYU Dentistry in the morning for crown work.  After work I had a physical therapy session for treatment on my ankle.

May 26th, after work I joined my friend Margaret at the cinema to see “Captain America – Civil War” for the third time.

May 27th to 30th, I visited the parents in upstate NY over the warm, humid holiday weekend.  Took them out for breakfast a few times and even Chinese dinner.  Got my hair done; plus watched some movies on their cable TV.

May 31st, I had a private yoga class at my apt with Fabrice.


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