Wednesday, August 31, 2016

August 1st, I had an appt at NYU Dentistry for more work on cavities and crowns.

August 2nd, I participated in the meeting / call for the monthly BFP Fundraising committee.  Discussion was mostly regarding prep work for the November “Pathmakers to Peace” event.

August 3rd, I went to see the film “Captain Fantastic” starring Viggo Mortensen after work with friends of mine.  All three of us enjoyed the film and highly recommend it.  Afterwards we went out for a lite dinner at Nanoosh.

August 4th, I had a physical therapy appt after work for treatment on my ankle.

August 5th, I had a private yoga class at apt with Fabrice.

August 6th, I had a much needed manicure and pedicure in my hood.

August 7th, I hung out in Williamsburg with my friend Sam for dinner and photo adventures.

August 8th, I had a foot doctor appt in the afternoon regarding my ankle and toe nail on left foot.  After work I had a private yoga class with Fabrice at the apt.

August 9th, I had an appt in the morning at WTC clinic at Bellevue Hospital for a CTscan regarding my lungs situation caused by 9/11.

August 11th, I volunteered to assist with computer work at the main WCW office.

August 12th, I attended a birthday party at the apt of an acquaintance from the NYC Harry Potter group on the upper eastside of Manhattan.

August 13th, I had a private yoga class in the morning with Fabrice at my apt.  Later on that day I joined friends at Citifields for a NY Mets ballgame against the San Diego Padres.  NY Mets won 3 to 2 in the 11th inning.

August 15th, I had a dental appt at NYU Dentistry, and was happily told I wouldn’t require a root canal.  Hooray!  My dentist checked over the temporary crowns and we discussed remained of treatment from September to November.

August 16th, I had a physical therapy appt after work for treatment on my ankle.

August 18th, I joined a friend [ie: Mary] after work for dinner and catching up on news / gossip.

August 19th, I had a private yoga class at apt with Fabrice.

August 20th, after my cleaning lady finished with my apt, I headed into Manhattan to do some shopping and work at the office.

August 21st, I spent the afternoon in the Princeton, NJ area visiting my friend Dawn, plus her hubby Bill and their son Kai.

August 25th, I had a physical therapy appt after work for treatment on my ankle and foot.

August 27th, after chores, errands and a break at Starbucks, I got a much needed manicure.

August 28th, I had an appt with Dr Tan for overdue acupuncture treatment.  In the evening I had a private yoga class with Fabrice at my apt.

August 29th, After work I attended the Spectra Pipeline Interfaith Vigil outside Senator Schumers apt bldg on Prospect Park West. Regarding the dangerous and irresponsible construction of the Algonquin Incremental Market Expansion pipeline through Rockland, Putnam and Westchester counties. Dangerously close to Indian Point nuclear power plant.

August 30th … Had appt at the WTC clinic for a follow-up with Dr Hay and go over medical test results.  I learned that my Iron levels are still not up to 100%. And my right lung is the one most damaged. They did take two vials of blood today for tests to do with Hemoglobin and possible allergies to molds.  Have to go back to do more tests regarding mucus in lungs.  To get my Iron levels up  I need to eat more broccoli, chickpeas, collard greens, edamame, green peas, kidney beans, lentils, oatmeal, peanut butter, pistachios, Spinach, whole almonds, walnuts and tofu.  After work I went out to dinner with my good friend Margaret K and we dined at Nanoosh.  Enjoyable evening and conversation.


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