Thursday, April 13, 2006

Tuesday, March 28th, I had an appointment with a new lung specialist [ie: Dr Raoof] for a second opinion on my "situation". Apparently I have in my right lung a mild case of [MAI] Mycobacterium Avium Intercellulare. Apparently it has no connection with 9/11 and more to do with drinking water contaminants. This doctor and his staff were much more thorough with regards to examination and listening to me. He even showed me the catscan of my lungs and explained it all to me. I have another appointment with Dr Raoof in early May and then it’ll be decided what treatment is required. Stay tuned………

On Saturday, April 1st, attended the quarterly "New Yorkers for a Dept of Peace" core team planning day and one of the things we celebrated was becoming incorporated. You betcha, we are now official. WooHoo! I arrived abit late to the “planning day”, as I was feeling ill that morning, and felt better as day progressed. Whew! When I arrived only part of the “core team” was there, but already into full, totally jazzed discussions. No wonder with an abundance of champagne and chocolate cake to celebrate, who wouldn’t be. [Smiling] Those attending the planning day were Joe, Kevin, Carol, Coco, Karen, Liz, Marianne, Priscilla and me. As we progressed with discussions, suggestions, ideas and brainstorming we nibbled on delicious goodies brought by everyone. I contributed my homemade brownies and chocolate chip cookies. Throughout the “planning” I took notes, which I typed up that weekend and emailed to those who attended. Main topics were on Gandhi, Sept 11th, peace groups and media. The day was very productive and a lot of fun. I really enjoy being with this group of people and feel so blessed.

QUOTE OF THE DAYLife is but a journey, death is returning home. Chinese Proverb

Wednesday, April 5th, attended the Democracy for NYC linkup in the East Village of Manhattan. It was held at a bar on East 11th Street. [Apparently the Williamsburg & East Village DFNYC linkups are now being combined.] Six of us were in attendance which included Ben and Tracy. Our meeting started with a lengthy discussion on the recent abortion ban in South Dakota. If one wants to sign up with the "South Dakota Project" go to We need to oppose, plus repeal this horrible ban, which would deign South Dakota woman any pro-choice/health issue rights. None! This isn't progress, its turning the clock back by 40 years. This is appalling! There are active DFA groups in every state except for South Dakota and that must change. Another topic of intense discussion centered on "Stop the War in Iraq". We need to lobby congress members who are most likely to sign a "discharge petition" for House Res. 543 in consideration of H.J.Res 55. This is another major important issue. NYC Congressmen we need to lobby the hardest ... Ackerman, Engel, Weiner and Serrano. We need more Americans to get OFF their collective buttocks and become part of activism. I've been "active & involved" since February 15, 2003. This new focus in my life has been an amazing learning curve and very enriching. I AM on the right path and have been so fortunate in meeting some terrific folk over last 3 years. Bless you all!

On Sunday, April 9th, I went on a date with Greg, who lives near my parents in upstate NY. [We’ve been conversing via phone for more than a week.] Greg took a 2 1/2 hour Amtrak ride down to NYC. We met up at 1pm in Hotel Penn and I saw him off at Penn Station around 9:30pm. We stopped by my office; so that I could put the flowers he gave me into a vase, and then took a taxi to Metropolitan Museum of Art. [Flowers are still fresh looking & so lovely.] We ate brunch at the Petrie Court and then saw the Pharaoh Queen Hatshepsut exhibit. Both were very enjoyable. Greg loves ancient history just like me. Then another taxi ride to Central Park South and a horse/carriage ride in Central Park. [Photo below of Greg and me on our carriage ride, along with a photo of our driver and Silver the horse.]

[Last time I took a carriage ride was 20 years ago with Mom.] From there up to West 71st Street to hangout at Café la Fortuna and nibble on dessert. I showed him the Dakota and Strawberry Fields. Finally ended the evening, before he had to catch his train, at an Italian restaurant/bar for drinks. All day long we talked on many different topics from politics to music to family. We did some kissing before he boarded his train. Very nice! I like him and I think he likes me too.

Message from Peace Alliance & Dept of Peace Campaign - Action Alert - Iran: Uranium Enrichment
The breaking news is that Iran is reported to be enriching uranium and that the U.S. government is displeased with the direction that Iran is moving in. At this time of impending crisis, we call upon all Department of Peace supporters to contact your representatives and senators in Congress and the White House with the following message:

1. We know that going to war will only make things worse and that violence will not resolve the conflict.
2. Therefore, I do not support violence as an approach to resolving this conflict with Iran.
3. What I do support is for the United States to work in cooperation and partnership with the international community to utilize existing conflict transformation and peace building tools and processes to resolve this conflict.
4. Further, I urge you, as my representative, to support legislation currently in the House and Senate (H.R. 3760 and S. 1756) for a U.S. Department of Peace, which will employ, in a systematic way and as a matter of course, the range of proven conflict transformation and peace building tools that are already available to us in the resolution of future such conflicts.
Send a message to your elected officials:


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