Thursday, November 13, 2008


Jonathan Turley Fears Dems Will Let Alleged ‘Bush Crimes’ Stay Buried Forever
David Edwards & Muriel Kane,

The Empire’s New Clothes
Paul Street, Black Agenda Report
But, as The New York Times' editors certainly know, "they" still "put in who they want to put in" to no small extent. The predominantly white U.S. business and political establishment still makes sure that nobody who questions dominant domestic and imperial hierarchies and doctrines can make a serious ("viable") run for higher office - the presidency, above all. It does this by denying adequate campaign funding (absolutely essential to success in an age of super-expensive, media-driven campaigns) and favorable media treatment (without which a successful campaign is unimaginable at the current stage of corporate media consolidation and power) to candidates who step beyond the narrow boundaries of elite opinion. Thanks to these critical electoral filters and to the legally mandated U.S. winner-take-all "two party" system, a candidate who even remotely questions corporate and imperial power is not permitted to make a strong bid for the presidency. Barack Obama is no exception to the rule. Anyone who thinks he could have risen to power without prior and ongoing ruling class approval is living in a dream world.

[Duchess Note: Many thanks to Carol in sharing the above articles.]

Wonderful News & Announcement from The Peace Alliance
Join us for the 5th annual Department of Peace Campaign 2009 National Conference - Peace Within Reach: People and Politics Partnering for our Common Security - March 20-23, 2009 at Hyatt Crystal City in Arlington, VA

What some of the February 2007 4th annual Peace Conference Attendees said:

“A most EMPOWERING experience! This is what it means to be a US citizen!”

“Invigorating, empowering, practical, fabulous. It’s an incredible feeling to show up and take responsibility as a citizen.”

[Duchess Note: I attended the 3rd and 4th Peace Conferences in Wash DC. It was incredibly exciting to be with so many other like-minded citizens of the US on the topic of peace. Met some terrific people from all over the US and took away amazing tools to further the DoP campaign. If you want a DoP in our lifetime, as well as peace around the world, please join me and others at this awesome event. Check out the website at ]


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