Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Tuesday evening, March 2nd, after I went to my foot doctor appt, I stopped by Borders in Columbus Circle and then off to the LOST meetup at Irish Rogue pub.

Early Thursday evening, March 4th, I joined Cielito and Judy at MoMA for the Tim Burton exhibit, which was quiet awesome and impressive. Lots of film footage, costumes, drawings and sculptures of Burton’s unusual work since the mid-1970s. Afterwards we walked over to 8th Avenue to nosh on some food at Cosmic Diner, and catch up on news/gossip.

Friday, March 5th, ended up being the most stressful day of the whole work week. What with work and the entire crazy BS swirling around TRD, well, I finally snapped and was in an empty partner’s office in tears. Want nothing more to do with A&J, via Heren Istarion, plus their friggin stubborn obstructionism with regards to NETS / TRD. Can the “dramatic reading” for the Council of Elrond script be salvaged at this point in time remain to be seen? I’m working with Dennis, Tim and Carole on this endeavor.

Saturday morning, March 6th, I joined several other TGTSNBN members at Simple Studios for our first yearbook two-hour meeting. Later that evening I headed back into lower Manhattan [after getting some pampering at my local nail salon] and attended the “Potter Pundits Live” event at Pace University. It was very enjoyable, enlightening and informative. The pundits were Travis Prinzi, John Granger and James Thomas. Plus I purchased a few of their books regarding the Harry Potter lexicon and phenomenon. I talked with fellow TGTSNBN member [Jim] after the event about LOST.

Tuesday evening, March 9th, I attended the LOST meetup at the Irish Rogue pub.

Wednesday evening, March 10th, I participated in the NYdoPeace CCR team conference call regarding R14. Those in attendance on the call were Kevin, Joe, Dawn and I. Dawn announced she is about 11 week’s preggers.

Thursday evening, March 11th, I joined a few others of the newly formed “New York Friends of Tolkien” group to start rehearsals for the dramatic reading of “Council of Elrond”. In attendance were Adam, Carole, Tim, Dennis and I. The rehearsal was held at Carole’s home in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan.

Sunday afternoon, March 14th, I attended the fantastic “Pier Antiques Show” at Pier 94. I haven’t been to a Pier Antiques Show since February 2002. I used to go with a few friends since the early 1990s. One friend has since passed away, and the other severed our 20-year friendship in 2003. [That last one caused me mental and emotional pain.] It felt good to go back to the “Pier Antiques Show”, like visiting a long lost friend. I checked out every booth and even purchased some pendants at 50% off.

Tuesday evening, March 16th, was a busy one with the NYDoP meeting at 6:30pm and then afterwards racing uptown for the LOST meetup at Irish Rogue pub.

On Thursday evening, March 18th, I attended a “New York Friends of Tolkien” mini meeting at Carole’s place in Chelsea. The overall meeting was productive even with Timdalf’s temperamental outbursts.

Duchess Note: Stay tuned for more "personal news" updates, news articles and photos from recent events.


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