Sunday, March 14, 2010

Snowy Winter in Brooklyn
Morning Snow Dec 31
[Morning of December 31st – last day of 2009]

Time Waits for No One
[Snowy visions around my hood in January]

Subway Station Jan 28
[Waiting for the #7 during a snowy commute]

Feb 10 blizzard
[The blizzard on Feb 10th 2010]

Fred Flare Shop on Feb 10th
[Fred Flare shop stayed open during the Feb 10th blizzard]

A lonely snowman braves the storm
[A lonely snowman braves the snowstorm in Feb 2010]

Snowfall in the hood on Feb 26
[Snowfall in my hood on Feb 26th]

Back Courtyard Feb 26
[The back courtyard of my apartment bldg on Feb 26]

Morning Commute on Feb 26
[Waiting for the #7 during a wintery morning commute]

[Duchess Note: More updates with News articles, Photos and Personal News over the next week or so. Stay tuned.......................]


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