Monday, May 10, 2010


Mother’s Day Manifesto: 2010
Eileen Fleming, TruthOut

A Mother’s Day Wish for a Nontoxic World
Elizabeth Arndorfer, RH Reality Check

How China Holds the American Economy by the Balls
Scott Thill, AlterNet

Look Out, Obama Seems to be Planning for a lot More War
Jack A. Smith, Asia Times

[Duchess Note – The Nobel Peace prize, early this year, went to a war-monger. Obomba is no man of peace. This Manchurian candidate will never embrace peace.]

Bill Moyers TV Farewell with Hightower – The Fight of Our Lives: The Populist Battle with Corporate Power

Over 10,000 Thousand Rally in New York for Showdown with Wall Street
Alexander Zaitchik, AlterNet

Why the Enlightened Liberal Class is Complicit in the Country’s Downward Spiral
Chris Hedges, Truthdig

Both Parties Deaf to This Call: 'Fix the Economy, Not Wall Street'

5 Green Groups Declare Senate Climate Bill 'Unacceptable'

Progressive Democrats of America (PDA): Citizens in 18 States Push for State-Level Single-Payer Healthcare

Amy Goodman Boycotting Arizona’s Racism

ACLU to Obama: ‘Entire World Is Not War Zone’

Noam Chomsky A Middle East Peace That Could Happen (But Won’t)


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