Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sunday, May 2nd, I participated with other members of the “Brooklyn for Peace” group in the Rally/March from Times Square to the UN. It was predominately about 1] abolish nuclear weapons worldwide, 2] peace and human needs, 3] end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. [Photos taken by M.Weinstein from the event were posted below on May 11th.]

Tuesday evening, May 4th, I viewed a new episode of LOST at the Irish Rogue pub with Deborah, Elena, Jenni, Sarah, Greg, Shannon and Erik.

Friday, May 7th, I volunteered with others from City Harvest at the Union Square farmers market.

Saturday afternoon, May 8th, I attended the “Abolition 2000” annual general meeting at Judson Memorial Church on Thompson Street in Greenwich Village. Learned about this event from Alice Slater, who worked with me during the 2007/2008 Kucinich for president campaign, and I also from PDA. Anyhow, “Abolition 2000” is a global network to eliminate nuclear weapons in our lifetime. Individuals from the US, England, Europe, Asia, Canada, Australia and Latin America came together, and it was a fascinating informative afternoon. To learn more, go to

Sunday, May 9th, was not only Mother’s Day, but also the 4th annual Mother’s Day peace stroll hosted by CodePink and Granny Peace Brigade. First of all the weather was vastly different from a week ago. Last week it was hot and humid, and today it was cold and windy. Where is spring?!? Throughout most of the stroll I was mostly chatting with Anna and her husband Ahmed about local and national politics. Even though I am not a mother, I’ve been participating in this “Peace Stroll” every year. We’re bringing peaceful awareness to New Yorkers. Start out at Columbus Circle, stroll up to Museum of Natural History, and across Central Park to Metropolitan Museum of Art.

[Mother’s Day was NOT invented by Hallmark, or by 1-800-FLOWERS or even See’s Candies. In fact, Julia Ward Howe, the woman credited with initiating Mother’s Day in 1870, would have been appalled by its crass commercialism. Were she alive today, Julia probably would have told her kids to dispense with the roses and chocolates, and instead join her in an anti-war rally. While best known for writing the “Battle Hymn of the Republic” and her stance against slavery, Julia was horrified by the carnage and suffering during the Civil War. She used her poetic gift to pen a proclamation against war, a proclamation that birthed Mother’s Day. Yes, Julia Ward Howe was a peacenik.]

Tuesday evening, May 11th, I viewed a new episode of LOST at the Irish Rogue pub with Jax, Deborah, Elena, Jenni, Sarah, Kelli, Greg, Shannon and Erik.


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