Sunday, May 02, 2010

Tuesday evening, April 20th, at 6:30pm I participated in the NydoPeace “creative” meeting at Healthy Body location. The “creative” was regarding making “Mother’s Day” cards with Dept of Peace and Resolution 14 message on the inside. We’ll mail these to all the New York City Council members. Kevin, Marianne, Dawn, Chris and I wrapped up the meeting at 8pm, and from there I headed uptown to the Irish Rogue for the LOST meetup. I hung out with Deborah, Elena, Jax, Greg, Jenni, Sarah, Shannon and Erik at the pub.

Friday, April 23rd, I am once again volunteering with City Harvest at the Union Square farmers market. Afterwards I joined other ladies at the Friday Nite Knits in Kensington.

Tuesday evening, April 27th, I attended the screening of “Plunder: The Crime of our Time”, a documentary by Danny Schechter, at the All Souls Unitarian Church on Lexington Avenue. After the film I chatted briefly with Mary Geissman who is a member of the Peace Task Force at All Souls.

In 2006 filmmaker Danny Schechter was denounced by some reviewers as an "alarmist" for his film In Debt We Trust, which warned of the coming credit crisis. He was labeled a "doom and gloomer," until the economy melted down vindicating his warnings. His new film, Plunder: The Crime of Our Time, is a hard-hitting investigative film that shows how the financial crisis was built on a foundation of criminal activity.

To tell this story, Schechter speaks with bankers involved in these activities, respected economists, insider experts, top journalists such as Paul Krugman, and even a convicted white-collar criminal who blows the whistle on intentionally dishonest practices.

Plunder: The Crime of Our Time looks into how the crisis developed—from the mysterious collapse of Bear Stearns to the shadowy world of trillion dollar hedge funds. Insiders who work in the industry and know it well tell both of these stories. Plunder also shows how hastily arranged government bailouts did not revive the economy and may have lost billions.

Ultimately the film calls for a full investigation and structural reforms of financial institutions to insure accountability by the white-collar perpetrators who profited from the misery of their victims.

This is a preview showing of this soon-to-be released film. The filmmaker Danny Schechter, who was here one year ago talking about this subject, will host this event and take questions following the showing.

Danny Schechter is the founder and executive editor of Media Channel and founder and Vice President/Executive Producer of GlobalVision, Inc., an award-winning media company formed in 1986. A broadcast and print journalist and internationally recognized speaker and writer on media issues, Schechter has been honored with numerous awards, including the Emmy and George Polk Awards. He was the news director and principal newscaster for WBCN-FM, an on-air reporter for WBGH, and a news program producer and investigative reporter at CNN and ABC.

Wednesday evening, April 28th, I joined Kevin Fagan in having dinner, plus a meeting, with Doug Biviano at SIGGY’S in Brooklyn Heights. Doug ran for City Council in District 33 and I volunteered on his campaign, plus voted for him during the primary. We mostly discussed national/local politics, Dept of Peace, City Council and R14. After the meal, on the way to the subway, Kevin and I ran into an acquaintance of mine [Margorie] and we briefly discussed local politics.

Thursday evening, April 29th, I joined other NydoPeace CCR team members for a conference call and discussion on “next steps” regarding R14.

On Friday, April 30th, I volunteered with City Harvest down at Union Square’s farmers market.


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