Monday, February 20, 2012

Make Tuesday F28 a Day of Mass Action - Now, more than ever, in the wake of the police attack on Occupy Oakland

"...if this illegitimate wave of repression is allowed to stand, if the powers-that-be succeed in suppressing or marginalizing this new movement, if people are once again penned in, both literally and symbolically-things will be much worse. THIS SUPPRESSION MUST BE MASSIVELY OPPOSED AND DEFEATED! A call for mass action against the Suppression of the Occupy Movement", as stated by Bishop George Packard.

Who was first over the fence for OWS? George Packard, a retired Episcopal bishop who was detained by the NYPD while bringing water to the occupiers at Liberty Square, and later arrested in an Occupy Wall Street action, said the action February 28 "is the absolute preface to any other actions. It's a question of process even before we take to the streets--how is it that there is this coordinated effort to stifle our free speech?! Mayors on conference calls simultaneously rousting encampments? Renegade cops taking aggressive initiatives because it makes superiors smile? Tear gas and rubber bullets fired into the ranks of Occupy Oakland? Enough!"

In New York City. . . .
Tuesday, F28 Union Square
No Rubber Bullets - No Beatings
No Tear Gas - No Mass Arrests
Drop All the Charges Against Occupiers
Don't Suppress OWS! Stand with Occupy!
4:00 pm Gather
5:00 pm Rally
6:00 pm March


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