Wednesday, February 22, 2012

QUOTE OF THE DAY - "A lot of times we are afraid to commit because we are afraid we will fail. The truth is, it’s only in making the commitment that we receive the energy to overcome. In fact, the best commitments we can make are in areas where we are the weakest. We’re often afraid to go for the things we long for because we think we’re unprepared. We don’t want to charge into action unless we personally feel “ready.” But a lot of times, if we wait until we feel ready, we are missing opportunities. It’s when we are willing to do things, even though we don’t feel prepared or that we are the best person for the job, that we are revealing the most amount of Light possible into our lives and into the world. Today, know that when you don’t understand how you are going to overcome – but press on with your commitment anyway – is when the impossible becomes possible." - Yehuda Berg


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