Saturday, June 02, 2012


This movement is and always has been about more than one campaign. And while we're about to start a new chapter of our movement from outside the halls of Congress, it doesn't mean we don't need allies within.

Alan Grayson has always been a champion of peace, justice, and equality. He's fought for universal healthcare and against wasteful corporate welfare. Alan has consistently stood up for Main Street and ordinary workers, and he has always boldly called out corporations when they corrupt our process and destroy our jobs. So guess who's now attacking Alan Grayson?

The corporations, of course. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is pouring hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to take down Alan in his run for Congress. And, of course, this unregulated corporate money's not telling the truth. says their TV ads are mis-educating voters.

The most corrosive forces in our politics are trying to destroy Alan because they know he's the type of leader who can't be bought off by their influence. Alan is a doer. He's a bold progressive who doesn't sit idly by while corporate forces try to drag us into endless war and ruin our economy.

Look what he did about Bush's war based on lies: During the last decade, when the Bush Administration neglected to prosecute those who were committing fraud in Iraq, Alan stepped up to defend the American tax payer. He set up his own shop and dedicated hours to prosecuting those who were illegally profiting from the war in Iraq.

The Wall Street Journal called it “a one-man war against contractor fraud in Iraq.” Alan got justice for the American people. He was behind the only successful prosecution of an Iraq war profiteer.

That's the type of thing that irks big corporations. And when they come attacking, you know you've done something right.  So, please join me in standing up for Alan Grayson -- "A Congressman with Guts."


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