Sunday, June 03, 2012


Will a Militarized Police Force Facing Occupy Wall Street Lead to Another Kent State Massacre?
Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet
Today is the 42nd anniversary of an ugly chapter in American history.

4 May Day Stories the Corporate Media Missed While Fixating on Obama’s College Girlfriend
Sarah Seltzer, AlterNet
A number of remarkable things happened on May 1st.  So why is the media so bored with social protest?

Six Ways That Obama has Been Worse than Bush

The Progressive Union with Doreen and Tony DiLeonardo
Real Progressive Talk Radio – Join Today

‘Predator Nation: Corporate Criminals, Political Corruption, and the Hijacking of America’
Don Hazen and Charles Ferguson, AlterNet

Obama Expands Secret Wars Across the Globe
Andrew J. Bacevich,
It is only on Obama’s watch that secret warriors have reached the pinnacle of the U.S. military’s prestige hierarchy.

Creating Change is the People’s Job
Deepak Bhargava, YES! Magazine
We, not just the president, have to be the agents of change in our society.  How do we extend our electoral organizing beyond the elections?


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