Monday, July 01, 2013


June 2nd, I attended my second Qigong class at Greenpoint Yoga.

June 6th, I attended the monthly BFP board meeting at The Commons.

June 7th, I had my weekly private yoga class with Fabrice at Greenpoint Yoga.

June 8th and 9th, I attended the annual Left Forum at Pace University.  The highlight for me was seeing and hearing Noam Chomsky speak on many important topics.  Also ran into acquaintances and attended several workshops.

June 9th, did a mini photo adventure in Brooklyn Heights, had dinner at Heights Café and then waited 1.5 hours for the East River ferry to take me home.  Good thing it was a nice, sunny, warm day.

June 10th, I attended an urgent BFP A&C conference call regarding the panel event we are hosting on the 13th.  Productive call and much resolved.

June 11th, I volunteered at the WCW national office to assist with computer work.

June 12th, I attended the monthly BFP Fundraising/PF meeting.  The discussion centered on planning and organizing for the October event.

June 13th, as part of the BFP A&C committee, we proudly hosted a panel discussion at The Common’s called “Arts and Activism”.  Despite the weather the turnout was roughly 25+ attendees.  Lots of great dialogue, networking, hip-hop music, etc.

June 14th, I had my weekly private yoga class with Fabrice at Greenpoint Yoga.

June 15th, after Dana cleaned my apt, I went to get a much needed manicure and then jumped on the East River Ferry to Governors Island.  Lots going on at Governors Island this weekend … start off with the 1920s themed “Jazz Age Lawn Party” … which was cool to observe.  Many were dressed in period attire and the music was cool.  I checked out Figment event, which was okay, and then a compost/chicken farm.  Headed back to my hood on the ferry boat and then went to get a much needed pedicure  J

June 16th, I volunteered to assist with BFP tabling at the annual Seventh Heaven Street Fair in Park Slope from 12-6pm.  The weather held up nicely so that Eric, Jane, Melissa, Veronica, Vicky, Eleanor and I could connect with those attending the fair.  I also ran into Josh Skaller, who ran for New York City Council back in 2009.  I did volunteer work on that campaign and know Josh through CBID.

June 18th, I attended the monthly BFP A&C committee meeting.  Afterwards, I thought I was taking the G subway home. Instead, it got halfway there and stopped at Bedford/Nordstrom stop. We had to leave the subway station, as no trains were running due to someone at another stop committing suicide. Sigh!  I travel by car service to northern Brooklyn with another nice subway passenger.   Once home I relaxed with my new book, "Inferno" by Dan Brown, and read until 1am.

June 19th, I attended the opening evening reception at my office for the “Beyond Our Work Life – 4th Annual Art Exhibit”.  I am one of forty “artists” whose work was on display at the reception, and it’ll also be on exhibit throughout June 20th and 21st.

June 20th, I had an appt with Dr Tan for acupuncture treatment and herbs.  Apparently I have a very mild case of Strep throat.  No wonder my voice sounded terrible for a week and coughing up my lungs.  Sigh!

June 21st, I met up with my friend Dennis after work and we had sushi for dinner down in the East Village.

June 23rd, I headed upstate on MetroNorth to visit with my good friend Katherine, take her out for a belated birthday lunch, catch up on news and just hang out.

June 24th, I had my weekly private yoga class with Fabrice at the yoga center.

June 27th, I had a lunch meeting with Bob Baskin [Peace Alliance] and Liz Gannon Graydon to discuss the peace movement, NYdoPeace, etc.  After work, I attended the monthly CBID [Central Brooklyn Independent Democrats] meeting in Park Slope, and we heard several NYC candidates [ie: Jim Brennan and Carlos Menchaca] speak.  [NYS Democrat primary is Sept 15.]

June 28th, was a crazy work day with end of EY13 fiscal year work to be completed, and then handing in laptop for a serious upgrade.  Afterwards, I went out for a delightful, leisurely dinner [ie: Jack’s] with my friend Liz Gannon Graydon to catch up on a lot of news.

June 29th, started off with abit of a rough start, health wise, and then things improved enough so I could enjoy spending time with my friend Sam.  We did a mini photography adventure around my hood, and then had a tasty dinner at Sakura.

June 30th, I had my weekly private yoga class with Fabrice at the yoga center; afterwards I headed into Manhattan for some appts.  One of which was seeing Dr Tan for more herbs.


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