Wednesday, March 18, 2015

For the past two to three years I create a delicious, healthy, organic smoothie for breakfast every day.  About 1.5 years ago I started recording it, along with other thoughts, on my Facebook page.

Here is a sampling of The Daily Smoothie Report … Brought to you by the healthy benefits of Ginger.  But first; my smoothie two-glass blast of the morning … created with water, blueberries, seedless red grapes, spinach, kale, Medjool dates AND ginger.

And now more about Ginger … Ginger is grown as a root and is a flexible ingredient that can be consumed in drinks (ie: tea, beer, ale) or in cooking. It can be used to make foods spicy and even as a food preservative. For over 2000 years, Chinese medicine has recommended the use of ginger to help cure and prevent several health problems. It is known to promote energy circulation in the body and increase our body’s metabolic rate.

Its many benefits are ….. maintains normal blood circulation, remedies motion sickness, improves absorption, cold / flu prevention, combats stomach discomfort, Colon cancer prevention, reduces pain / inflammation, fights common respiratory issues, Ovarian cancer treatment and helps combat morning sickness.


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