Wednesday, April 01, 2015

For the past two to three years I create a delicious, healthy, organic smoothie for breakfast every day.  About 1.5 years ago I started recording it, along with other thoughts, on my Facebook page.

Here is another sampling from The Daily Smoothie Report … Brought to you by the healthy benefits of eating Avocado.  But first my delicious smoothie blast of the morning; created with water, pineapple, kale, avocado, strawberries, ginger and celery.  And now more about avocado’s………

The avocado is a rather unique type of fruit.  Most fruit consists primarily of carbohydrate, while avocado is high in healthy fats.  Numerous studies show that it has powerful beneficial effects on health.  What we refer to as “avocado” is the fruit of the avocado tree, called Persea Americana.  This fruit is prized for its high nutrient value and is added to all sorts of dishes due to its good flavor and rich texture. It is the main ingredient in guacamole.  These days, the avocado has become an incredibly popular food among health conscious individuals. It is often referred to as a superfood… which is not surprising given its health properties.

Here are several health benefits of avocado, that are supported by scientific research.
1.      Nutritious
2.     Contains more Potassium than Bananas
3.     Heart Healty Monounsaturated Fatty Acids
4.     Fiber
5.     May help prevent Cancer
6.     Powerful Antioxidants that can Protect your Eyes


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