Monday, May 15, 2006

On Sunday, April 23rd, I met up with Lilit, Jackie and Lefty at Café La Fortuna at 6pm for a dinner get together and discuss Tolkien, amongst other topics. [BTW, does anyone know the ancient Greeks philosophy on Time? Please let me know. Thx!] I arrived at Cafe La Fortuna at 6pm and Lilit showed up 15 minutes later. [We ordered some tea and wait for the others before ordering food.] Both Lilit and I brought Tolkien/LOTRs related books to discuss and show the others. Mine was "The World of Tolkien - Mythological Sources of LOTRs" by David Day. 20 minutes later Jackie showed up and then Lefty. Placed our dinner orders and then commenced to discussing Tolkien, movies, concepts of time, womens pregnancy risks after age 40, ex-lovers and life in general. After awhile Lefty took off abruptly and seemed perturbed by three ladies sane, logical discussion on "certain" topics. He's abit of an odd chap. With Lefty gone the three of us spoke more "freely" on topics and eventually left the cafe around 10:30pm. It was a fun, interesting and at times quirky evening. Very much enjoyed Jackie and Lilits company.

On Tuesday, April 25th, I attended the "New Yorkers for a Dept of Peace" event/planning meeting at 6pm. Those who attended the meeting were Kevin, Carol, Marianne, Priscilla, Liz, Rob, Barbara, Karen and I. We really got alot accomplished that evening regarding "Gandhi 100". Setting up a decisive plan and goals. As the evening progressed I found it abit difficult to concentrate. Wasn't feeling swift and my throat was bothering me abit. Next morning I awoke with Laryngitis. [Those who've been reading my Blog know that my health has been up & down since early 2005.] Liz is such a darling and lent me her book on the transformation in Gandhi's life. The man is revered not only in India and throughout the world by pro-peace folk, groups and organizations. [Peace is the way!] We so admire Gandhi and NEVER the likes of those in the evil, corrupt Bush Regime.

April 26th was Administrative Professionals Day and from E&Y we admins received nice sweatshirts with the company logo, plus a $25 gift certificate. As to the latter, I utilized it at Barnes & Noble. I purchased two cards, plus two books [ie: Sharpe's Tiger by Bernard Cornwell & JRR Tolkien - Architect of Middle Earth by Daniel Grotta]. Marc & Angela will take me out to lunch [restaurant of my choice] next week when the Laryngitis is [hopefully] gone. My other boss, Debra, gave me a lovely box of Godiva chocolates. Yum!

Since Tuesday evening I've been dealing with Laryngitis and my doctor strongly advised to stay home from work on April 27th. It was important to give my voice box, plus body, a quiet rest. As well as drink fluids and throat lozengers. Antibiotics won't help in curing Laryngitis. Overall I feel okay, tho a wee bit tired and for three days could only communicate briefly in whispered tones. Most frustrating. . . .

On Saturday, April 29th, Jackie and Becca came over to my place for dinner and watch extended DVD version of LOTRs "Fellowship of the Ring". [Linda couldn't attend, as she was doing volunteer work at Tribeca Film Festival.] I had warned them, via email, that my voice was slowly recovering from Laryngitis. And that my speaking voice sounded like gravel on sandpaper. They were both okay with that and we enjoyed a fun, relaxing time. The gals enjoyed my meal of stuffed chicken breasts, green salad, wine and chocolate chip cookies. While watching the LOTRs films we get a kick out of making amusing comments (ie: "Gondor has no shampoo Gondor needs no shampoo" ... "no man, you take that damn ring into Mt Doom"). The evening ended around midnight. I had originally planned to do volunteer work earlier that day at Yonkers Ferret Shelter. Joanne felt it wise to cancel due to my health. Even tho I felt relatively fine one doesn't like to take chances around sensitive ferrets. I haven't seen the shelter furkids since beginning of January and I miss them soooo much. Also on this date there were HUGE "marches" thoughout the USA in peaceful protestation against occupation in Iraq and a possible invasion in Iran. [I passionately loath the Bush Regime & I think you all know that.] Several members from our New Yorkers for a Dept of Peace campaign participated here in NYC. I later learned the groups endeavors were successful and DoP members handed out lots of flyers. Hurray! WooHoo! Spreading the word of peace!

P.S. Stay tuned for more "personal news" and a review on the Pearl Jam concert in Albany.

As additional important endorsements roll in, Jonathan has completed two legs of the Ride For Peace: from New York City to New Rochelle and now across the Hudson to Nyack. We also picked up important endorsements last night. Last night, the Village Independent Democrats endorsed Jonathan, along with Elliot Spitzer for Governor and Andrew Cuomo for Attorney General.

"I am honored to receive the endorsement of a club that dates back to the campaign of Adlai Stevenson and has such a storied history," Jonathan says. "I believe the VID endorsement sends a signal to Democrats throughout the state that we need a different kind of Senator, a senator who will not vote for immoral wars, who will not embrace Rupert Murdoch, who will oppose corporate power, fight for fair trade agreements and stand up for civil liberties."

"The Village Independent Democrats is proud to endorse Jonathan Tasini as a candidate for the senate. Progressives will not be taken for granted," said William Strickland, the president of the VID. "I am proud to be a member of a political club that is progressive, intelligent and has the courage to support a candidate who is against the war in Iraq," said Yayoi Tsuchitani of VID's Executive Committee. "The VID is located in the area most affected by 9/11. Jonathan Tasini understands the effect this war has had on NY state, the loss of lives, the lack of funding to our schools, under funding of health care, lost jobs to outsourcing, etc. Jonathan Tasini has all the qualities of a winner, he supports labor, woman's rights and health care for all. I encourage New Yorkers to support for Jonathan Tasini."

In addition, Brooklyn Democrats For Change, endorsed Tasini. "His anti-war message resonated with people. Our members felt they had to take a stand and support him," said Jeannie May, president of the club. As well, earlier this week, Tasini garnered the endorsement of the Progressive Democrats of America chapter located in the 11th Congressional District. The district currently represented by Rep. Major Owens. The endorsement is Tasini's fourth endorsement by a PDA chapter in New York State (previous chapter endorsements came from Ithaca, Albany and the 14th Congressional District). As you can see, Jonathan's campaign is gaining momentum. would help our overall effort if you make a donation now to help support the campaign and the Ride For Peace at

[Duchess Note - It would be really fabulous if the PDA chapter in 12th Congressional District also endorsed Tasini. Would be wonderful if my district would support a candidate who is anti-war and pro-peace. (He already has my support!) District 12 support needs to be for a progressive Democrat and NOT a Republican lite war hawk like Hillary Clinton. We the People must decide this and vote for change.]


Maine Verizon Customers File Complaint over NSA Surveillance
[Duchess Note - Glad to hear some folk in this country are speaking out on the invasion into this serious matter AND demanding answers from a corrupt regime. Right-on good people of Maine.]

Condoleezza Rice at Boston College? I Quit
by Steve Almond

RNC Attack on John Conyers Demands Action from Democrats
by David Swanson

The Lessons of War That Few Have Learned
by John Grant

The Gift of Peace for Mother's Day
by Medea Benjamin

Kucinich: Economy Works For Wall Street Not Main Street
Washington, May 11th
Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich (D-OH) gave the following speech today on the House floor about the state of the US economy … “The Dow Jones will hit a record and the nation's economists will be doing their hosannas, but who profits when factories and businesses are closed in the United States and cheap goods made by no rights, no benefits low wage Chinese workers flood our markets? We have an $804 billion dollar trade deficit. Hello! Since 1982 $4.5 trillion dollars in assets have been transferred from American to foreign owners. Hello! Wall Street thumps their golden tub for the Wal-Marts and the cigarette-peddling Altrias while record numbers of Americans are laid off, file bankruptcies, lose their homes, their health care and retirement benefits, their savings, and in some cases, their families. Why do we celebrate Wall Street when Wall Street don't celebrate Main Street? Wall Street makes a killing when gas prices soar, health care costs skyrocket and food prices increase. We need a new way to measure our economy, as in how! many people are working at good paying jobs and have job security? How many have health and retirement benefits? Let's create economic progress for all in America, not just for a privileged few.”


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