Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Michelle Goldberg, AlterNet
The largest and most powerful mass movement in the nation -- evangelical Christianity -- has set out to destroy secular society.
[DUCHESS NOTE - Not only the American "secular society" but the rest of the world too. These people are NOT compassionate nor caring of their fellow human beings. They have an agenda and its not pretty. From what I gather they really don't follow the loving, liberal teachings of Jesus. Far from it! If they do take over our beloved country, I am so moving to Canada or Europe. I want to be were I have a right to freedom of expression, universal healthcare and not be forced to follow one religion. Have no desire to live in a society that is based on military, police state, dictatorship and Orwellian. Its getting darn close to that under this Bush Regime. Why aren't more Americans fed up and taking to the streets.?!? Are most of you so complacent that it doesn't matter?!? Throw off the shackles of your lethargic mood and take back your country from these evil buggers. If we don't take to the streets to protest, these buggers will trample us into dust. Demand Peace, Truth & Justice!]

Robert Parry, Consortium News
Contrary to the official story, the Bush administration did whatever it could to help Enron as the company began to go under.

Krista Walton, LA CityBeat
The author of 'The Omnivore's Dilemma' discusses how we demonize food, eat too much corn, and read too much 'grocery lit.'

Don Hazen on Montana's insurgent Dem, Jon Tester, taking off in Senate primary

Deanna Zandt on citizens filing requests for their phone records to bereleased -- and being unceremoniously denied

KUCINICH: At A Time When Iran Reaches Out To US; US Participates In Phony Diplomacy Setting The Course For War
Kucinich: US Should Listen To IAEA Head El Baradei Who Says Iran Not An Immediate Nuclear Threat

Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich (D-OH), Ranking Member of the House Government Reform Subcommittee on National Security, Emerging Threats and International Relations, issued the following statement today on Iran:

“The US must not participate in phony diplomacy and diplomatic head fakes in order to force our nation, and the world, into war with Iran. Iran has reached out to the United States seeking negotiations to end the current stand-off peacefully. The United States should enter into direct, high-level, negotiations with Iran to peacefully end this stand off. This is exactly what over 70 Members of Congress stated last week when they signed onto a letter, I authored, to President Bush. Setting conditions on such talks appears to be an effort to ensure their failure and will only put this nation on the fast track to another unnecessary war. The US and the world community would be well served to listen to the words of the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Mohamed El Baradei who stated yesterday that Iran is not an immediate nuclear threat.”

“This Administration, once again assisted by a gullible media, seems determined to repeat the very mistakes that led this nation into, and keeps us in, the ill-advised war in Iraq. A peaceful solution to the stand-off with Iran must be the top domestic priority of our nation. The US must begin direct negotiations with Iran, at the highest level, and without predetermined conditions set to ensure failure. War with Iran can, and must be, avoided.”

Last week, Kucinich authored a letter, also signed by over 70 Members of Congress, urging President Bush to begin direct negotiations with Iran to end the current stand off.


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