Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A Bumper Sticker Con in Connecticut - Joe Lieberman's Latest Ad Shows a Supposed Lamont Bumper Sticker and Website Address That Don't Really Exist
By James Ficaro, July 10, 2006

A campaign ad that extols Democratic Sen. Joe Lieberman's "principles" contains an invented bumper sticker and fictitious website address, making them appear to be part of his primary challenger Ned Lamont's campaign. The bumper sticker in the ad reads "No More Joe" and features the URL www.nomorejoe.com. Yet the Lamont campaign has NO such bumper sticker and the website is not even owned by the Lamont campaign or anyone connected to it.

The Lieberman Campaign has recently released a thirty second ad, which reportedly began running last week. Before touting Sen. Lieberman's accomplishments for Connecticut, the ad shows two bumper stickers side by side. One is Lieberman's and the other is supposedly from his primary challenger Ned Lamont. Photoshopping the Truth -- The faux Lamont bumper sticker reads "No More Joe" and, in smaller type, "Ned Lamont - Democrat for U.S. Senate." At the bottom of the sticker is the following URL: http://www.nomorejoe.com/. The fake bumper sticker looks remarkable similar to the official Lamont sticker, complete with the same color scheme and elongated American flag.

Further, the website on the sticker featured in the ad, www.nomorejoe.com, does not exist. The page is currently blank. Nomorejoe.com is registered to Highground Inc. of Phoenix, AZ. A spokesperson for Highground told FactCheck.org that the domain name was purchased in 2004 as an independent expenditure for a local campaign against Sheriff Joe Arpaio and has no affiliation with the Connecticut Senate race. Overall, the Lieberman campaign is well within its rights to argue that Lamont's campaign lacks a positive message and is simply "anti-Lieberman." But creating false campaign material and passing it off as authentic? That seems at odds with the ad's praise of Lieberman's "principles."

[DUCHESS NOTE: Well, this is typical behavior of Joe “Mr Republican Lite” Lieberman. He has no principles or morals. His campaign strategy is very much in line with the DC beltway neocons and neo-Republicans. Meaning it’s absolutely disgusting, filled with lies and filth. Lieberman is an insult to true Democrats in the state of CT. He doesn’t deserve holding the Senate seat any longer. Time for change … vote for Ned Lamont in the CT primary.]

by Amy Rolph, Seattle P-I Reporter
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