Tuesday, July 25, 2006

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QUOTE OF THE DAY ... I don't make jokes; I just watch the government and report the facts. Will Rogers

MESSAGE FROM JESSICA FLAGG - Progressive Democrat for Congress - NY 17th CD
First a great big THANK YOU to all who contributed hours and effort to the gathering of ballot petition signatures... we did it! We filed Thursday, July 13th, with a huge safety net. Much bigger than I had expected or hoped for! And most of our signatures counted for Jonathan Tasini as well! So again, many thanks! From throughout the district the feedback has been consistent, "....Impeach Bush? Absolutely! Let me sign!" I was surprised at how many people are enraged at the lack of Democratic Party response! It just proves the need for this primary. Many people expressed dismay with the Democratic Party for not standing up strongly for the truth and for being like doormats for the Republicans to wipe their feet on, when clearly we have the issues and grounds to turn the tables! There was also a considerable expression of unhappiness with Rep Engel and for his support of the war. My little handout had four items:

End the War
Impeach Bush and Cheney
Universal Health Care For All
Election Reform

While many people responded also to ending the war, I would say the numbers ran 8 out of 10 who responded to Impeachment first. Usually most of the time they would go on to say something about the war. Others pointed to Health Care as their issue and some talked about Election Reform. Of course there were those who didn't sign, who felt that impeachment would be impossible, and some were Engel supporters, but most gladly signed. I feel very differently about this campaign than I did my first time out in 2004. I don't feel nearly as lonely, may of you are to thank for that, but also, I think feeling connected to the PDA mission and to helping Jonathan Tasini has made a huge difference. I also helped get signatures for two other candidates, Steve Ploski, a PDA democrat running for the State Assembly in Yonkers (close to 100 signatures I think) and for Nancy Low-Hogan running for the State Senate in Rockland.

It feels like we have the beginning of a community of Progressives who are building to take back the political world from the machines. Engel has pulled out the stops to get his friend Nadler to write a letter to the local paper here (Riverdale Press) claiming him to be a progressive, only to be followed by two responses strongly contesting that allegation! It is invigorating to be part of the progressive movement right now. Now, I'm starting phase two of the campaign. I need to raise money to give my little campaign some visibility. If you would like to help and can host/organize a party or an event, now is the time to do so. If you know of groups and or activities where I might be invited to speak, please by all means let me know about it as much in advance as possible. Thank you again for you support! Together our efforts add up!

[DUCHESS NOTE: To further learn more about Jessica Flagg's campaign or make a donation, go to: http://www.jessicaflaggforcongress.com/]


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