Thursday, July 06, 2006

On Sunday, June 11th, I had a good workout session with Marie [personal trainer] at a gym near where she lives in Auburndale, NY. Hadn't seen Marie since our session end of March. During April she competed in a competition regarding health, fitness and weight training. Out of 17 gals Marie came in 8th. Oh yeah! Next competition is in September. And we're finally getting some sunny, warm weather after a week of gloom and rain. Back in Manhattan I hung out at the office for awhile utilizing the computer and noshing on a lite lunch. Then headed up to Riverside Park, off of West 72nd Street, for a LOTRs meetup. It was my first time visiting the park and it’s really quite nice. It’s off of Riverside Drive and nicely kept up. I hung out for an hour waiting for others to show up around 4pm and none of our group appeared. I later learned, via our Yahoo Group, that the meetup was supposed to be near the 89th Street entrance to the park. It never transpired as several of us were confused by scant directions. The next meetup/picnic is being arranged by Josh and Lilit for either July or August. Also, one of my bosses had recently been on a successful business trip to London. I asked if he'd bring me back a few newspapers and I suggested The Guardian. He also brought back a lovely box of Belgium chocolates, which I shared with others at work. Oh my gosh ... those are such divine chocolates. Total yummers!

The next day, June 12th, I attended a DU Forum in Riverdale, NY. I am periodically involved with the "Coalition to Ban Depleted Uranium" group via my friend Paul. Have also attended a few meetings and helped out abit before this forum took place. Sent out via email invites and a press release to friends and fellow bloggers informing them of the DU Forum. I rode up by subway with a friend of Paul's who is a jazz and blues singer. Paul met us at the station and drove us to the Riverdale-Yonkers Society for Ethical Culture. Sadly the forum didn't get as large a turnout as some of us had hoped. Florence Gold started off the evening with such passion and eloquence. Other speakers included Sgt Ray Ramos, Reverend Lucius Walker and Frida Berrigan. I was mostly impressed with the first two and not the latter. Frida is an intelligent lady, but spoke to quickly and for much too long. It was like information overload. Afterwards I picked up free info, one of which was an issue of THE NATION featuring Al Gore. Other freebies were political buttons and I gathered up two. [Secrecy Promotes Tyranny & Dissent Protects Democracy] To learn more about Depleted Uranium and other events, go to ...

On Thursday, June 15th, I attended the monthly New Yorkers for a Dept of Peace meeting at 7pm. It was quite a productive, fascinating, energized meeting which mostly centered on further planning for the "100 Years of Non-Violence" event on and around Sept 11th. [To learn more and spread the word ... go to ...] Those in attendance [including myself] were Joe, Dawn, Chris, Kevin, Liz, Carol, Marni, Marianne, Eileen and Ellen. We hadn't seen Ellen at a meeting in months, as she's been on the slow road to recovery from health issues. Last time I saw her was at Joe and Marie's Xmas party in December. Joe and I brought goodies for the others to nosh on at the meeting. Marni announced she is 2 months away from giving birth to her little peacemaker. I also brought along some of my "peace bead style" earrings and sold about 9 pairs. Half the funds from any “peace” earring sales go to NYC Dept of Peace group. Happy to help out and further the DoP campaign. Since this meeting we've received several endorsements from peace groups and other organizations for the Gandhi/Sept 11th event. This is so friggin awesome!!

Had an appointment the next morning with my dentist to find out what's up with my gums. Well, it’s not my gums, but a serious infection and I'll need to get a root canal. But first of all, my dentist put me on penicillin to get rid of the infection. I'm not looking forward to getting a root canal, as I've had four done within last 16 years or so. Its soooo uncomfortable! Later that evening, after work, I went to do some ballot petitioning for the Tasini for NY State Senate campaign. Believe it or not, I didn't have much luck down at the Sunshine Cinema where Al Gore's documentary is playing. Not to be discouraged, as it’s still early in the petitioning season. I took the subway from Houston Street to Union Square area to see what was happening. Mon dieu! Serious protesting regarding Palestinians and how Israeli military/government abuses them. I ran into Allie, who is from the Coalition to Ban DU, and we briefly talked about petitioning and the protest going on. There was also some neo-Nazi youth attending and being quite belligerent. I headed home shortly after all that.

SHAKESPEAREAN QUOTE OF THE DAYThus we play the fools with the time, and the spirits of the wise sit in the clouds and mock us. King Henry IV, Part II, Sc II

We are excited and honored to announce that the Red Hot Chili Peppers have selected The Peace Alliance to be present at their U.S. stadium tour starting this August. We will have information/action tables at all of their shows. This will be one of the biggest tours this season, they will be performing to well over 100,000 people. An excellent opportunity to reach a huge population of people about our campaign and work! This will mean we need to create a large amount of tabling signs and promotional material (already in the works) as we will have up to 5 tables per show and will need enough material for at least three shows at a time. To do it well will cost over $4000, if you are able to help, go to:

To Defend Our Freedom, We Must Defend Voting Rights
Commentary by Jesse Jackson

Understanding the Meaning of Freedom
Commentary by George Lakoff

Joe Lieberman's Connecticut Problem
Commentary by John Nichols

[DUCHESS NOTE - I'm all for Ned Lamont and hoping to see Lieberman lose big
time. The man is an insult to Democrats with all his extreme rightwing leanings
and mumbo jumbo.]

Our Nation Needs Fewer Secrets
Commentary by Jimmy Carter


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