Thursday, July 13, 2006

New Yorkers for a Department of Peace
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100 Years of Non-Violence Gandhi and Sept. 11, 1906-2006
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This event is sponsored by:
New Yorkers for a Department of Peace:
M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence:

This event is endorsed by:
Sept. 11 Families for Peaceful Tomorrows, The Peace Alliance, Brooklyn Nonviolent Communication and We, the World

SATYAGRAHA - 100 Years of Non-Violence
The trailer for this documentary is now being shown on YouTube. Another site to spread the word and alternative for people who don't know about the DOP-NY site:

[DUCHESS NOTE - I'm a proud member of this fantastic "core team" New Yorkers for a Dept of Peace campaign. We are currently working on the "100 Years of Non-Violence Gandhi" event to take place this September. Join us in this wonderfully inspiring endeavor. Host the above links on your on websites, blogs and share with friends or family. Get involved and be prepared to be inspired! Truth & Justice! Peace IS Patriotic!]

WALK FOR PEACE on Saturday September 16, 2006
Help Create a U.S. Department of Peace! Join the NATIONAL WALK FOR PEACE in your community!

WHO: YOU, your friends, and others ready to literally walk the talk of peace.
WHAT: A new twist on the traditional walk-a-thon fundraiser, raising money for The Peace Alliance and moving the campaign forward.
WHERE: A public park, city sidewalk, school or other accessible and visible area you choose—in communities all across the nation!
WHEN: Saturday, September 16, 2006, or another date of your choice between September 11 (Patriot Day/100th Anniversary of Gandhi’s first nonviolent action) and September 21 (the International Day of Peace).
WHY: To gain visibility in your city and across the country; raise money for the Peace Alliance; be a model of being the change; support International Culture of Peace month; and inspire and enroll others in the Campaign.
HOW: It’s simple! As always, any project is real when one person who can enroll three friends to help says YES!

SAY “YES” TO PEACE: Are you planning to organize Walk for Peace in your area? Sign up here …

by Jonathan Tasini, Huffington Post

[DUCHESS NOTE: Not only do I support this progressive Democrat, who is running against H.Clinton, but I'm volunteering on his energized grassroots campaign for NY State Senate. We The People need to make changes and kick out the old blood and bring in new, fresh blood. Candidates who listen to the constituents and care about the issues. As well as being anti-war and pro-peace. Vote in the NY primary on September 12th and be part of a change for the better. Peace is Patriotic!]

40,000 NY STATE VOICES FOR TASINI - Message From The Jonathan Tasini NY State Senate Campaign
Today, we are on our way to the state board of elections in Albany to file petitions with the names of 40,000 voters who want Jonathan's name to be on the ballot in September. What an achievement! We only needed 15,000 signatures to qualify but New Yorkers have spoken loud and clear: they want a chance to vote for a Real Democrat.

People came from everywhere to talk to us. One woman got on the subway in Brooklyn, came into Manhattan just to sign the petition and, then, got back on the subway and went home. People crossed parks and streets when they saw our signs, desperate to put their name to a piece of paper that they felt might mean an immediate end to the Iraq War, the stopping of abusive corporate power and achieving real health care by extending Medicare For All--the central pieces of Jonathan's progressive platform.

Now we need your help. Today begins a 60-day sprint to the September 12th primary. Our opponent will have millions of dollars thanks to corporate support from the health care industry (as reported in The New York Times), Rupert Murdoch and Tom O'Gara, a George Bush fundraiser who just threw an exclusive bash for Hillary Clinton at his swanky ranch in Idaho. So, we're asking you to give today at: to back up the work of the volunteers who stood in the blazing sun and rain to gather signatures and made sure that voters would have a choice. Today is the day to make a contribution to our campaign so that we can get our message out to the tens of thousands of New Yorkers who we know will respond to our campaign's message. If you've contributed before, we need your support again, from $20 to $2100 -- today is the day -- go to

Jonathan Tasini does not accept contributions from lobbyists , while the incumbent takes them freely (she ranks only below right-winger Rick Santorum in the amount of cash pocketed from lobbyists)--all this at the expense of New York families. While the incumbent has Rupert Murdoch and Bush fundraisers on her side, we only accept money from people like you.


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