Friday, July 21, 2006

by Jonathan Tasini, The Huffington Post
[DUCHESS NOTE: Tasini is right, the word on the streets is very much against Hillary "Ms Republican Lite" Clinton. I helped out with the Tasini for NY State Senate campaign during petition drive recently. When engaging voters to air their views and concerns, 9 times out of 10, they want the US occupation in Iraq to end now. They dislike Clinton for her rightwing out-of-touch views. Many registered voters and even those who are not registered want to see changes in the state and government. More and more are looking to progressives. Its time for a change ... vote for a Democrat who cares about the constituents and not big corporations. Peace is Patriotic!]

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[DUCHESS NOTE - What is needed in the world today is more non-violent, calm diplomacy and ministries or depts of peace.]

What Are They Waiting For, The Apocalypse? US Has a Moral Obligation to Become Diplomatically Involved -- Immediately!
Statement Released by Congressman Kucinich on July 21st

As the situation in the Middle East continues to rapidly deteriorate, the Administration is failing our nation's moral obligation to become actively involved, diplomatically, to resolve this conflict. This Administration's stated policy of inaction has allowed the situation to degenerate and therefore has contributed to the increasingly violent conflict in the region. Their policy of inaction makes the region, and the world, less safe. It makes Americans more vulnerable here at home and abroad. It puts our troops in Iraq at great risk. It makes a peaceful resolution nearly impossible. Everyday this Administration sits on the sidelines the chance for a peaceful resolution becomes less likely. Every day this Administration sits on the sidelines more innocent civilians on all sides are dying. Every day this Administration sits on the sidelines America's already poor reputation in the world community gets worse.

The Administration seems content to sit on the sidelines as a full-blown regional war breaks out. What are they waiting for, the Apocalypse? The region urgently needs diplomatic assistance. The US must claim the role of mediator. It must speak and act like a mediator. The US must become involved immediately in seeking a peaceful resolution to the current conflict. To help accomplish this, I have introduced legislation, H.Con.Res. 450, calling upon the President to appeal to all sides in the current crisis in the Middle East for an immediate cessation of violence and to commit US diplomats to multi-party negotiations. Only by acting as an honest broker can the United States have any authority and success in bringing peace to the region, and in de-escalating the conflict.

QUOTE OF THE DAY ... O, it is excellent to have a giant's strength! But it is tyrannous to use it like a giant. William Shakespeare


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