Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Interview with Cynthia McKinney Regarding Obama Administration – Bushism without Bush

Moyers Interviews Robert Reich on "Who Runs Government"
Bill Moyers, PBS: "Despite the speech President Obama made at a Wisconsin Town Hall meeting this week, the question now is will he push back against the profiteers of health care? A powerful coalition has emerged to keep the profit in sickness and disease - the Business Roundtable, the Chamber of Commerce, the big drug companies, the insurance giants, Rupert Murdoch's media empire, all of them opposed to what my guest says is real health care reform."

Obama and Anti-War Democrats
Norman Solomon
Norman Solomon, Truthout: "As a close vote neared on a supplemental funding bill for more war in Iraq and Afghanistan, The San Francisco Chronicle reported that 'the White House has threatened to pull support from Democratic freshmen who vote no.' In effect, it was so important to President Obama to get the war funds that he was willing to paint a political target on the backs of some of the gutsiest new progressives in Congress."

Senators Held Stock in Bailed-Out Banks
R.Wilson & K.Bogardus, Focus
Reid Wilson and Kevin Bogardus, The Hill: "Senators who oversee the $700 billion Wall Street rescue package held stocks in many of the banks bailed out towards the end of last year, according to financial disclosure reports released Friday."

The American Empire Is Bankrupt
Chris Hedges

Obama’s New Economic Plan: The Good, the Bad and the Weak
Nomi Prins, Mother Jones's_new_economic_plan:_the_good,_the_bad_and_the_weak/

Obama’s Emerging Legacy: Wars, Bankers and For-Profit Healthcare
Glen Ford, Black Agenda Report

ObamaCare: A Non-Existent Health Plan That Begins with Cuts
Glen Ford, Black Agenda Report

Pearl Jam’s New Album ‘Backspacer’ Slated for September Release

Petraeus Is a Failure – Why Do We Pretend He’s Been a Success?
Fred Branfman, Truthdig's_been_a_success/

US and Kyrgyzstan Sign New Air Base Deal: MP

Obama Running Scared
Helen Thomas


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