Friday, June 26, 2009


Kucinich: “We Cannot Afford These Wars”
Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) today made the following statement against the war supplemental on the House floor:
“Iraq did not have weapons of mass destruction, had no intention or capability of attacking United States, had nothing to do with Al-Qaida’s role in 9/11, and each and every statement made by the previous administration in support of going to war turned out to be false. Yet here we are. A new administration and the same old war, with an expansion of the war in Afghanistan. We cannot afford these wars. We cannot afford these wars spiritually. They are wars of aggression and they are based on lies. We cannot afford these wars financially. They add trillions to our national debt and destroy our domestic agenda. We cannot afford the human cost of these wars, the loss of lives of our beloved troops and the deaths of innocent civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. So, why do we do this? Why do we keep funding wars when they are so obviously against truth and justice and when they undermine our military? These are matters of heart and conscience, which must be explored. Our ability to bring an end to these wars will be the real test of our power.”

Kucinich: Fed Deserves Audit First, New Authority Second

U.S. Congressmen oppose Obama proposal to fund IMF
Washington (PTI): Two Democrat Congressmen on Thursday appealed to their colleagues in the U.S. Congress to oppose the Obama Administration's proposal to fund $108 billion to the International Monetary Fund.

In a "dear colleague" letter, the two Democrats argued that giving such a huge amount to the IMF to bail out the third world countries from their current economic crisis is not going to work because of restrictive policies enforced by it in the countries where it provides such aid.

The letter was written by Congressmen Dennis J.Kucinich from Ohio and Bob Filner, Democrat, from California.

"In fact, while the G20 states that this funding is intended for global stimulus, the IMF has imposed budget deficit targets, tax hikes, pension and wage freezes, and high interest rates on loan recipients," the two Congressmen said.

"The IMF has a long history of placing economic conditions on countries receiving loans that have actually damaged, rather than stimulated, those economies, and its policies have not changed enough to warrant support," they said.

Referring to media reports in Europe, they apprehended that the IMF funding would be used to bail out private European banks with U.S. taxpayer money.

"Recently, Iceland entered into an agreement with the IMF in which the IMF required the government of Iceland to guarantee private sector debt. Why? Because the U.S. would not support the IMF loan without the provision because of British interests in Iceland's private sector debt," the Congressmen asked.

"Our country and thus body cannot afford to spend American tax payer dollars to bail out private European banks. Please oppose the war supplemental and the funding for the IMF," they said in the letter.

Kucinich: “It is Time to reevaluate our use of Force in Afghanistan”

Kucinich: Made in America – War
Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) today made the following statement against the war supplemental on the House floor:

“We are destroying our nation’s moral and fiscal integrity with this war supplemental. Instead of ending wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan now by appropriating only enough money to bring our troops home, Congress abdicates its constitutional authority, defers to the president, and asks for a report. That’s right; all we are asking for is a report on when the president will end the war. “There is also money for the IMF, presumably to bail out private European banks. Billions for the IMF so they can force low and middle income nations to cut jobs, wages, health care and retirement security, just like corporate America does to our constituents. “And there’s money to incentivize the purchase of more cars, not necessarily from U.S. manufacturers because a ‘Buy America’ mandate was not allowed. “Another $106 billion dollars and all we get is a lousy war. Pretty soon that is going to be about the only thing made in America – war.

Kucinich: Will Increased CO2 Emissions be our Gift to the Next Generation?

[Duchess Note: Many thanks to Linda, in Texas, in sharing these wonderfully informative articles. Bravo Kucinich is being there for the American people.]


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