Thursday, June 25, 2009


Tuesday evening, June 3rd, I participated in a NYDoP CCR conference call. This call is a follow-up to faxing specific City Councilmember’s on Friday, May 29th, regarding R627.

Thursday evening, June 4th, I attended an inspiring, moving event called “Inspiration” at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. My friend Eileen was one of the several speakers on the topic of dealing with cancer. It was great seeing her again and catching up on “news”. Afterwards she introduced me to her brother, his wife and TJ Glenn. The latter I’d seen, as well as “noticed”, over past few years at the Fort Tryon Park Medieval festivals. We enjoyed a terrific conversation on diverse topics, and our political leanings are very similar. Very much attracted to the tall TJ and we exchanged phone #s.

Friday evening, June 5th, I attended the Friday Nite Knits in Brooklyn at “The Oak & Iris”.

Sunday afternoon, June 7th, I went to “petition training” at Josh Skaller’s city council campaign headquarters in Park Slope.

Thursday evening, June 11th, I rented the DVD “Robots” … it was enjoyable.

Friday evening, June 12th, I watched a DVD I’d purchased the day before called “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon”. Excellent film, wonderful acting and the visuals were stunning. I highly recommend this film.

Saturday, June 13th, I joined many others at the Brooklyn library in Grand Army Plaza for the annual “World Wide Knit Day” event from 10am to 1pm. It was great fun and the weather held up while we sat outside the library. Tables were set up to teach folk how to knit, demonstration on spinning, charity projects, etc. There was even a raffle with assorted prizes, and I won a book [Knitting for Good! by Betsy Greer] on knitting and activism. Afterwards I walked down to 4th Avenue along Carroll Street, as I thought some of the Skaller Campaign volunteers would be there petitioning. They weren’t and later learned they had been there, but in the morning. Anyhow, I headed over to Ozzie’s on 5th Avenue for a light lunch and use of the internet. Called Skaller Campaign central, spoke with Dan and then walked to the campaign office on 8th Avenue near 12th Street. Definitely getting a workout today, but its not over yet, I went out petitioning in the Fort Hamilton area with another volunteer [Charlie] from 3-6pm. We traipsed up 3 short street blocks, knocked on people’s doors and got 12 signatures for 3 hours of work. Many people were not home or weren’t interested. Then it rained abit throughout all this and I had to protect the signatures on the clipboard. Every signature is precious to the campaign. Jumped on a bus and headed back to campaign headquarters to return petitions. By the time I arrived home with a rented movie [X-Men], my feet and calves were screaming.

Next day, June 14th, I joined my friend Gail in going to northern end of Greenpoint to an awesome ice cream shop, plus check out the area, and then leisurely strolled back along Franklin Street. This street has developed a lot over the past 8 years with many boutiques, cafes, stores, etc.

Tuesday evening, June 16th, I attended the NYDoP speaker event at HealthyBody and Carol Hillson gave a wonderful lecture on “Restorative Circles”.

Wednesday evening, June 17th, I headed down to Brooklyn Heights and talked with Doug Biviano at his City Council campaign headquarters on Montague Street. To learn more about his campaign, go to . Afterwards I got a tour of charming Grace Court, and the awesome roof garden views of Doug’s apartment building.

Thursday morning, June 18th, I had an emergency appointment with my foot doctor in lower Manhattan regarding serious pain on top of my left foot. Yep, the same foot that in October / November 2007 gave me troubles with Plantar Fascia. After an examination, X-rays and two painful shots into my foot, I learned that I have Neuroma [ie: inflammation of nerves].

Early Sunday afternoon, June 21st, I joined Doug Biviano in petitioning for signatures in Greenpoint and Williamsburg. He needs 900+ signatures to get on the ballot for the NYC primary on September 15th.

Wednesday evening, June 24th, I attended a panel discussion and forum on Afghanistan’s, which was hosted by “Brooklyn for Peace”. The guest speakers were Elizabeth Gould and Paul Fitzgerald, who’ve written a book called “Invisible History: Afghanistan’s Untold Story”. The authors have traveled to and reported on Afghanistan for over 30 years. The evening’s discussion was regarding this war which is destroying the lives of thousands in that country, undermining domestic reform in the USA, and may yet become the next Vietnam. The Q&A segment was very lively and at times passionate in discussion.


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