Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Saturday, May 2nd, I took MetroNorth up to Stratford, CT for an afternoon visit with my good friend Katherine. We snacked on a tasty meal at a local Red Lobster and caught up on lots of news. Afterwards we stopped by her home to enjoy a visit with her hubby and grandson. From there we travelled down to Norwalk, CT to do some shopping at several of our favorite shops, and then it was back on MetroNorth bound for NYC.

Sunday, May 3rd, I attended a Josh Skaller City Council Campaign Party, which was hosted at Marjorie and Alan’s home in Brooklyn Heights. Nice turnout at the party and I ran into an acquaintance of mine [P.Brown], whom I hadn’t seen in 1 ½ years. After the fundraiser bit; Josh talked about Gowanus Canal, Atlantic Yards, education, condos, Mayor Bloomberg, MTA, homeless issues, being transparent and he’s for “less testing”. Josh also recommends that NYDoP CCR Team contact Yetta Kurland and Brooklyn Democrat Clubs about R627. I’ll bring up this info at next CCR Team conference call.

Thursday, May 7th, I attended TGTSNBN meetup at Café Metro. This meetup was called “Witch & Stitch” and about 15 to 20 of us showed up to knit, crochet or do needlework. Marci showed us a lovely, long scarf she’d finished recently with the Ravenclaw house colors. Had a fun time, chatting with other members and mostly sat with Deborah and Deanna with our knitting.

Saturday afternoon, May 9th, I joined my friend Jackie in taking one of the tours at “Lower Eastside Tenement Museum” on Orchard Street in Manhattan. I’ve never walked around this part of Manhattan and it’s a fascinating area, along with its history over last 150+ years. Jackie and I took a tour regarding an Irish family from the 1860s who lived on Orchard Street. Walking through some of the tenements made me realize that my Brooklyn apartment isn’t small. These tenements had no utilities or other amenities that we take for granted these days. Just a basic apartment with a small parlor, kitchen and bedroom; plus the tour was very informative and even provided us with a slideshow. I really liked the gift shop and if had some extra funds would have picked up books on NYC during the 19th century. Afterwards Jackie and I strolled up Orchard Street to have a nice brunch at an outdoor café. [Weather was slightly overcast and abit muggy.] Then we were off for our own walking tour through lower Eastside, Chinatown and Little Italy. Stopped for ice cream along the way near Columbus Park and then parted company on Canal Street. Very enjoyable outing with Jackie.

Sunday evening, May 10th, I participated in a NYDoP CCR conference call to prep for our “meetings” with City Council members on Monday, May 11th. All part of the “Peace wants a Piece of the Pie” campaign.

Wednesday evening, May 13th, I watched the season finale of LOST. It started at 8pm and on through 11pm … it was amazing, intense and we finally got to see Jacob.

Friday evening, May 15th, I attended the Friday Nite Knits meetup in Brooklyn at “The Oak & Iris”. Hadn’t been to this particular meetup for many months and it was lovely hanging out with the gals.

Saturday evening, May 16th, I joined my friend Jackie in seeing the new Star Trek movie, which we both enjoyed a lot. I went in with some reservations about this film, but was surprised on how good it was, as well as funny. I highly recommend it and the visuals were awesome. Afterwards we jumped on the E train for Greenwich Village and had leisurely dinner at Fiddlesticks on Greenwich Avenue.

Tuesday, May 19th, I participated in the NYDoP board meeting at a new location near Madison Square Park. Really good meeting, allot accomplished, most of the board members attended and also one of our interns [Claire].

Thursday, May 21st, I participated with other NYDoP CCR Committee members in our first “in person” meeting, which we held in Bryant Park, as the weather was very nice out. It was a good, productive meeting, plus one of the interns [Claire] attended.

Friday, May 22nd, I volunteered with City Harvest at the Union Square farmers market.

May 23rd through 26th – I spent a nice, long Memorial Day weekend visiting my parents in upstate NY. Weather was pretty decent most of the time and got outdoors a lot. Helped Dad with yard work and I attended some yard sales with Mom. I visited the gals at “Over the Moon” bead/gift shop and as always we get talking about national/local politics. I took my parents out the breakfast at the “Country Gal Café” and enjoyed some tasty fixins. I also visited Cambridge cemetery, Memorial Day parade, farmers market, shopping, hair salon, bike riding, cable TV and just plain ole relaxing by the fire pit. Overall a good weekend.

Saturday evening, May 30th, I joined my friend Linda in seeing the film “Angel & Demons” in the Sheepshead Bay area of Brooklyn. Huge cinaplex in that area near the water and a lot of people on lines to see Disney’s UP and “Night at the Museum”. We both enjoyed the new Ron Howard film, though I have to admit the “DaVinci Code” was a slightly better movie.


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