Monday, June 08, 2009


If you are an active DFA member in New York, you probably know about Josh Skaller. He's a long-time DFA activist and has served as a director of the local volunteer DFA group, Democracy for New York City, for the last 4 years. Now he's running for a City Council seat in Brooklyn's 39th District.

After years of activism, Josh is fed up. The plea for good government reform continues to fall on the deaf ears of entrenched politicians -- particularly in New York City. When Mayor Bloomberg and the City Council overruled the voice of NYC voters to extend term limits, it was the final straw.

Josh Skaller is the only DFA-endorsed candidate in the race for District 39.

On the New York City Council, Josh Skaller will work with fellow reform-minded leaders to affect real, lasting changes in the way the city conducts its business and relates to its citizens. At a time when billionaire Mayor Bloomberg dominates city politics, Josh Skaller will use his position to empower like-minded local community groups and organizers and give them a strong voice at City Hall.

Josh Skaller knows New York is a place where true progressive leadership is really needed and where it has the potential to take hold and set the tone for the country. His goals fall under five agenda points:

Revitalize New York's economy
Protect Brooklyn's neighborhoods
Enforce accountability and transparency in all areas of city government
Improve the lives of all New Yorkers
Build a sustainable and prosperous future

Josh has been working with you to move this country forward. Now it's up to us to work with him. Please volunteer, make a contribution, call a friend in the District ... support Josh Skaller any way you can. Thank you for everything you do.

[Duchess Note: I am a proud supporter and volunteer on the J.Skaller campaign. We need more true progressives like Josh, not only in NYC, but around the country. His campaign is funded by "we the people" and doesn't take a dime from Corporate Lobbyists.]


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