Wednesday, December 02, 2009


The Angst of a Liberal
William Rivers Pitt, TruthOut

[Duchess Note: The minor successes of this president were purchased at little political cost; such as stem cell research, family planning efforts in developing countries and certain changes in environmental policy. Issues that require real courage, change and effort; such as healthcare for all, holding investment banks accountable and demilitarization of the economy, there were barely addressed or done weakly. Regarding FDR, his boldness and sense of mission in helping the poor, well, Obama seems puny by comparison. To me, it seems like he has no concrete powerful vision. So he caves in to his opponents, shadow government, military complex to avoid conflict and promote amity. I am afraid it will be a very long time to wait before we elect a president that truly speaks for the poor, for the dispossessed, and for “We the People”. It’s way past time in taking it to the streets and protest big time.]

President Obama is Looking like Former President G.W.Bush with Afghanistan Plan
Mike Lupica, NY Daily News


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