Wednesday, December 09, 2009


On Sunday, November 1st, I watched the NYC Marathon as it passed through my neighborhood in northern Brooklyn.

Friday evening, November 6th, I joined my friend Cielito at the cafe in MmoA for a drink, appetizers and to view a few exhibits [ie: Robert Franks and Art of the Samurai]. Seems like this particular museum is always busy on a Friday evening, and it doesn’t close until 9pm. Cielito and I agree it’s a nice way to close out a work week. Afterwards we hopped on a bus down 5th Avenue, stopped at a Starbucks for something refreshing to drink, then stopped by her office at L’Oreal. On our way to the subway, we stopped by The Mansfield hotel on West 44th Street to utilize the restroom facilities in the lounge. Cielito told me that she’s gone there with L’Oreal co-workers for drinks and appetizers, plus lounge in its sophisticated “club like” atmosphere.

Saturday afternoon, November 7th, I attended an event hosted by “World Can’t Wait” at The Art Club in Tribeca and featured a lecture by Andy Worthington. Saw clips from his new documentary called “Outside the Law: Stories from Guantanamo” and the lecture was based on that topic, as well as Iraq and Afghanistan. Nice turnout, good food, wine and fascinating, as well as an informative lecture and film.

Sunday afternoon, November 8th, I joined several other NETS members [ie: Anthony, Jessica, Dennis, Carole and Susanne] at the Tolkien manuscript exhibit at 133 West 60th Street. This was my second time viewing the exhibit. More interesting tidbits were explained about Tolkien and the manuscripts by Anthony and Jessica. Afterwards we purchased lunch items at WholeFoods and had abit of a picnic in Central Park, as the weather was so nice. Afterwards we all went our separate ways and I did abit of shopping at Borders before heading home.

Thursday evening, November 12th, I attended a most productive NYDoP “working” meeting with five other “core team” members.

On Sunday afternoon, November 15th, I joined other TGTSNBN members at Riverside Park for the first Quidditch match of the season. After abit of rain the day before, the Quidditch pitch was abit “soft and muddy” in certain areas, but as the weather was so nice, we just made the most of it. I was again score keeper, and assisting Jonathan [one of two refs] for three very energetic games. Newly created team, Downtown Dementors, won two of the three matches. Afterwards about 20 of us went to TOAST for a delicious late lunch and discussions on numerous topics. Once again I stopped at Borders, with my 30% off coupon, and picked up a book on Vegan cooking.

Tuesday evening, November 17th, I attended a free event at the Town Hall on West 43rd Street to hear RFK Jr speak about our environmental future.

On Thursday, November 19th, I joined other NYDoP CCR team members for a meeting at Kevin’s office to plan and strategize. It was an excellent and productive meeting.

Saturday, November 21st, I attended the “World Can’t Wait” workshop and panel discussion down in lower Manhattan. The main topics of discussion were on terrorism, Afghanistan & women’s rights, plus there were debates, video viewings, and strategizing. Oh, and yes, there were free goodies to nibble on.

Thursday, November 26th, I volunteered with “Project Find” at St Paul’s church on West 60th Street. This year I was teamed up with Jeffrey [driver] and Wendy [escort], plus ran into Kevin Fletcher. The latter I had volunteered with 2 years prior and we caught up on news. He’s working on the cable TV series “Nurse Jackie”. I had a nice time working with Jeffrey and Wendy. Our assignment was in Greenwich Village and out of 16 meals, we successfully delivered 14. One person wasn’t at home and the other had passed away a few days prior to Thanksgiving. Weather turned out nice and sunny, which we were thankful for.

November 27th through 29th I visited my parents and brother in upstate NY for the remainder of the holiday weekend. Helped Mom with taking down autumn and Thanksgiving decorations, plus take those containers out to the barn. Brought in containers with specific Christmas items and assisted in decorating. Worked on crocheting, knitting, reading, laptop, as well as shop at my fav bead place and get my hair colored and trimmed.


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