Tuesday, December 08, 2009


World Can’t Wait has teamed up with military veterans and military family members on the “We Are Not Your Soldiers” tour to bring the truth about recruiters, the wars that they are recruiting for to high schools across the country and to unleash a movement of resistance against military recruiting.

The poem below was written by high school student Yoselin Torres at the Little Village Multicultural Art School in Chicago after hearing the “We Are Not Your Soldiers” tour.

“We Are NOT Your Soldiers”

You cannot control us,
So hard you try,
I have the power to make my own decisions,
Although you may lie,
Telling us what we wanna hear,
Only so they could take over control our power,
Brainwashing teenagers all around.

Recruiters are only going for the youngest generation,
Filling our head with false information,
Only to make us hurt innocent people,
Being accommodative won’t help us,
We must speak out!
We will not be silenced!
Peace must be restored,
War is no longer the answer.

The army has no purpose in terrorizing Iraqi and Afghan
Citizens any longer,
Eight years they have suffered,
Randomly being beaten and killed,
This war must stop,
And we each are speaking out to say,
“We are NOT your soldiers!”

[Duchess Note: Recently heard Sharon Adams speak on this topic [ie: Child Soldiers] via a radio program on WBAI. She also talked about how the recruiters go into schools, without parents consent, and glean info on students between age 15 to 17. Sharon strongly urged parents to contact their children’s schools to “opt out” and demand it in writing. Parents need to be pro-active and vigilant.]


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