Monday, December 28, 2009


Obama Officials Drop “Withdrawal” Ruse – US in Afghanistan to Stay
Tom Eley & Barry Grey, WSWS

Drone Man Lectures on Peace
Bruce Gagnon Blog

Accepting Peace Prize, Obama Makes Case for Unending War
David Walsh, WSWS

Peace Doesn’t Work, Obama Informs Nobel Committee
Jason Ditz,

“The War in Afghanistan is a RACKET” – Kucinich on the Floor

Anti-War Protesters Gather Outside White House

Bill Moyers: We have a Nobel Peace President Who Won’t Ban Land Mines
Bill Moyers & Michael Winship
The Nobel Committee said Obama won the prize for his respect of international law and his efforts at disarmament, yet he won't even sign on to end a barbaric weapon. To read more, go to….

US House Passes Pro-Wall Street Banking Bill
Barry Grey, WSWS

The Democrats – Why They’re Worse
The Distant Ocean Website

Are Blacks Abandoning Obama?
Lloyd Grove, The Daily Beast

Howard Dean: "Kill the Senate Bill"

Grayson, Kucinich Lead Charge to Halt War Funding

'We Don't Want Violence, We Want to Get Our Voices Heard' Say Protesters

Pat LaMarche Holiday Hit: The Five Lies of Congress

George Monbiot Mr Obama, Here's Your Copenhagen Speech

[Duchess Note – More December “real news” coming down the turnpike, as well as “personal news”. Stay tuned…………………]


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