Thursday, June 29, 2006

Blame Game Won't Save Lives, But Withdrawal From Iraq Will
by Sarwat Husain
[DUCHESS NOTE - Many of those morons in Senate and Congress DO NOT have children in the military nor serving in Iraq. If they had then I believe their views and actions would be totally different. They only care about their darn political careers and NOT the lives of thousands of American soldiers in an illegal occupation. That's right, occupation, not a war. They should be so ashamed of themselves, but to have any shame or humility one needs a concience, soul or be compassionate. They have none, therefore they feel no guilt nor shame. They are lower than scum. Getting our troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan now is not a cowardly act. Far from it. In fact, its a humane act for our soldiers and citizens of those two countries. We have NO right being in those countries. And the situations are getting worse and creating more terrorists. Peace IS patriotic!]


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