Thursday, June 22, 2006

In the past week or so, as people are in the streets all across the state petitioning to get Jonathan on the ballot, we have seen the power and influence of our campaign. As Jonathan's campaign grows, the popularity of the incumbent sinks. Jonathan has just been endorsed by the New York State Peace Action and Central Brooklyn Independent Democrats. More important, people everywhere are eagerly signing our petitions because they want a Senator with principles who will represent the majority of Democrats in the state.

By contrast, Hillary Clinton's approval rating has fallen to an 18-month low, primarily because of her support for the war, according to a new poll. The Siena College Research Institute survey of 623 registered voters found 54 percent of New York voters with a favorable opinion of Clinton, her lowest rating since February 2005 and very close to the 50 percent danger level for any incumbent. New York voters are beginning to hear the message of our campaign and the voices of many grassroots anti-war activists such as CodePink and Grannies Against The War. We are making a difference. And we can win this race if the public votes based on issues, not celebrity, because the majority of Democrats in New York support our positions.

So, will you help us today to make sure our effort to get Jonathan on the ballot is spectacularly successful? If you don't like the way this country is heading, give today at ... to make sure we have a strong debate about the Iraq war. If you want a Senator who will vote for safe, rapid withdrawal from Iraq with a timetable, today is the day because Jonathan wants the troop’s home now and an end to the violence in Iraq. Hillary Clinton has even rejected John Kerry's proposal (which Jonathan believes isn't strong enough) to set July 2007 as a complete withdrawal date of US forces from Iraq. Hillary Clinton's position will lead to the deaths of thousands of more Americans and Iraqis. Let's help elect a Senator who will never vote for illegal, immoral wars, will fight for single-payer health insurance, and stand up to abusive corporate power. With your generous help, today is the day we kick our campaign into a higher gear.

[DUCHESS NOTE: I firmly support progressive Democrats like Jonathan Tasini (NY State Senate) and Jessica Flagg (NY Congressional District 17). Please join me in supporting progressive candidates whose values and issues reflect that of many New Yorkers. Come out and vote at the NY Primary on Tuesday, September 12th.]

They're at it again. As Election Day nears, races across the country are heating up, and the Republican political machine is gearing up to take down two extraordinary Democrats that America needs in the Senate. I want our community to come to their defense. For over 40 years I've served in the Senate with Robert C. Byrd of West Virginia, and I've long admired his commitment to his constituents and his unyielding advocacy of American principles. We've seen those virtues recently in his vigorous defense of Social Security and brilliant stands for our constitutional freedoms – and most of all in his staunch opposition to the President's fraudulent case for war in Iraq.

Bob Byrd is a beacon for the enduring American ideal of fairness for hard-working families. That makes it all the more important to prevent the GOP from silencing a strong voice that has rejected their power grabs at every turn. It's no secret that national Republicans are about to dump millions of dollars into West Virginia in an attempt to defeat this Senate icon in November. I'm committed to doing everything I can to keep that from happening. This request to our community is one of the most powerful tools I have to provide the help he needs. Join me in supporting Senator Byrd for his unwavering commitment to the causes we share. He needs your contribution:

We need more senators like Bob Byrd here in Washington and we have an excellent chance to elect one in November in Tennessee who's now waging a vigorous campaign for the Senate seat being vacated by Bill Frist. Harold Ford will fight hard in the Senate for the goals Democrats share. He'll be a leader on key issues in domestic and foreign policy, protect our national security, and give a genuine high priority to education, health care, an increase in the minimum wage, and other important national needs. Harold Ford already has Republicans so petrified that earlier this month; the GOP even unleashed its attack dogs on a Tennessee teenager who wrote candidly -- on his personal website -- about Republican dirty tricks being used on the campaign. For speaking the truth, this nineteen year old bore the full brunt of Republican dirty tricks. You and I can make a difference in this tight race. What it takes is commitment, and today I'm asking you to demonstrate your commitment by making a contribution to Harold Ford's campaign.

We can daydream about waking up the day after Election Day with a Democratic Congress that will fight for all Americans. Or we can make that dream a reality by working hard to achieve it. With your support, we'll re-elect Senator Bob Byrd to the US Senate in November, and we'll elect Harold Ford to the Senate too. Please join me in being an active supporter of Senator Byrd and Congressman Ford as we work for change in November. The choice is yours! The time to act is now, and your support can make a major difference. Yours for the election of a Democratic Senate in '06.

9/11 First Responders: Voices From The Pit
DATE: Sunday, June 25th
In addition to the powerfully negative impact 9/11 has had on US foreign and domestic policy, allowing a criminal power base to consolidate control into absolute power over our lives, another devastating aspect of the attacks has surfaced over the last few years, and more so in the last six months with media coverage of the serious health and financial challenges to thousands of first responders, and even residents of lower Manhattan. This scandal within a mega-scandal is now unraveling to reveal the complete indifference our government has for even those who they call "heroes". Once again, in the pattern of Agent Orange and Depleted Uranium, those who served are being treated as expendable. This Sunday's event is to hear their story and receive an education from people working on their behalf. Below is the announcement which I urge all New Yorkers on this list to pass on.

For those who reside elsewhere, the 9/11 truth movement would do well to be aware of this issue. In addition to the crimes of 9/11, EPA director Christie Todd Whitman was told by the Bush administration to lie to the people of NYC and said the air was safe to breath, and she followed orders. As a result, there is a pending law suit against her which will be high profile. Here are a few sites with detailed information:

The 9/11 Info Resources Series Presents -- 9/11 First Responders: Voices From The Pit
Time - 7pm
Date - Sunday June 25th
Location - Community Church, 40 East 35th Street, New York, NY (Between Park & Madison Avenues)
Requested Donation - $8

The environmental disaster caused by 9/11 conjures up images of the massive dust clouds caused by the collapse of the three steel-framed buildings which were part of the World Trade Center complex. Thousands of first responders from many agencies hurried to the scene and remained for months afterward to take part in the rescue efforts and cleanup operation. Join us for this important event to hear various first responders to the 9/11 attacks share their experiences of that day and the ensuing weeks of unimaginable hardship and incredible heroism. Between the EPA saying the air quality was safe to breathe, the absence of leadership from local authorities, and the lack of respirators and supplies, they were subjected to conditions that were far beyond acceptable levels of toxicity. They'll describe the lack of health precautions and which have now left thousands with serious health challenges, most of which are incurable.

You'll learn how the support system has failed these heroes who gave so selflessly to help their brothers and sisters who fell in harms way that fateful day, as well as legal and financial challenges they now face. Also, we'll present information on services which are now available to attend to their physical and emotional healing and look at actions that can be taken by the general public to support their cause. Speakers include:

Donna Flayhan, Professor at SUNY-New Paltz
Michael J. Arcari, Program Director w/Faithful Response
John Feal - Demolition Supervisor
Major Mike McCormack, Medic; specialist in collapsed infrastructure rescue
David Miller, 1st/69th infantry, 47th Division NY National Guard since 1985
Kevin McPadden - Firefighter
Rachel Lidov, Kimberly Flynn - 9/11 Environmental Action


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