Monday, June 26, 2006

HE MAY BE BALDING, BUT HE’S A REAL DEMOCRAT – Message From The Jonathan Tasini for NY Senate Campaign

The New York Times story [] about Jonathan today describes his "balding head," calls him a "pesky agitator" and a vehicle "for liberals who are disenchanted" with our opponent. But, we particularly like this quote from Jonathan: "I am convinced that the majority of Democratic primary voters agree with me. And if this race were not about name recognition, celebrity and her $25 million in campaign contributions, I would win." Because that's what this race has been about from the beginning … voting for the principles and ideas that people actually believe in.

Jonathan has always believed that if Democratic primary voters in New York were given a choice between Candidate A (opposed to the war; for single-payer healthcare; for fair trade, not so-called "free trade"; opposed to the death penalty; for the right to unionize and against abusive corporate power like Wal-Mart) versus Candidate B (supports the war; opposed to single-payer healthcare; supports the death penalty; says NAFTA was a good thing; sat on the board of Wal-Mart for six years; and has Rupert Murdoch as a fundraising patron), Candidate A would win the election.

So, it's up to you to encourage people to support and vote for what they believe in, to vote for and support real Democratic, progressive principles, NOT celebrity, triangulation and poll-based positions. Enjoy the article and pass it around. And, of course, help us make sure our effort to get Jonathan on the ballot and the on-going campaign is a rousing success! This is our progressive New York: please give today by clicking here. Then please send the article link and this request to your mailing list and ask that they give a $100 minimum donation. Thank you for all you do for our campaign!

[DUCHESS NOTE: When out ballot petitioning for Tasini on Saturday, several folk I spoke with have such a disgust for Hillary “ms republican lite” Clinton. Some who’ve signed my petition said they didn’t vote for her the first time and will not do so this time around. Hillary doesn’t represent a good portion of New Yorkers nor issues dear to them. Its time for a change and one that is progressive. If you see volunteers out and about petitioning for Tasini AND you’re a registered Democrat in the state of NY, please sign their petitions. (Recently Progressive Democrats of America have endorsed Tasini.) True democracy is ALL about choices. We need choices on the NY state primary ballot this September 12th. Remember that date & do the right thing, vote for change and true democracy.]

Peter Popham, UK Independent

DON'T LET CONGRESS BLOCK YOUR VOICE - Message From Care2 and ThePetitionSite Team
Online petitions are a main channel for non-profits and their supporters to bring important issues to the attention of our country's leaders. But last month, Congressional offices began adopting new software that blocks the delivery of bulk constituent email, significantly compromising the ability of nonprofit organizations and their supporters to have their voices heard. Take action to say NO.

This technology requires you to answer a logic puzzle question before you can submit a comment, meaning only those constituents who go directly to the lawmaker's own website can send a message. Individuals who can find the right web form online will be able to talk to their representatives, but those people trying communicate as part of a movement or through nonprofit organizations may be blocked. Since the average person doesn't have the money or power to lobby Congress, the Internet has served as a tool to open up communication between millions of Americans and their elected representatives. Don't let Congress disable this great advancement in democratic communication. Sign the petition to stop Congress from blocking your emails.


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