Thursday, June 22, 2006

JONATHAN TASINI [NY State Senate Campaign] PRESS RELEASE – Regarding Hillary Clinton Vote against Amendment Co-Sponsored by Senators Kerry, Feingold, Boxer & Leahy

"Today, Hillary Clinton voted to prolong the violence and killing in Iraq. By voting against an amendment co-sponsored by Sens. John Kerry, Russ Feingold, Barbara Boxer and Patrick Leahy, my opponent clearly showed that she is out of step with the views of Democratic primary voters in New York. More American men and women will die, as will thousands of Iraqis, because of this vote and the Senate's failure to agree to bring this war to a quick end."

"Frankly, the Kerry-Feingold-Boxer-Feingold amendment did not go farenough. It called only for the removal of all U.S. troops by June 2007. If passed, the amendment would have meant that many more people would die in the next year in this pointless, immoral, illegal war. My position has been clear: I support legislation advanced by Rep. Jim McGovern (MA) which calls for the immediate cutting off of all funds for offensive military action in Iraq and allows for money to bespent only on the quick, immediate, safe withdrawal of U.S. troops, reconstruction of Iraq and the replacement of the U.S. military by an international security force."

"Yet, at least the proposed amendment would have been one small step To acknowledge that the war has been a failure and that the violence must end—an end that can only come when there are no more U.S. military personnel in Iraq. But, my opponent will not even vote for legislation that promises that our troops will be out of harm's way in one year. I believe it is now quite clear to the voters of New York that my opponent's support for the war continues and that, if she isre-elected, the war will continue unabated, with no end in sight."

[DUCHESS NOTE - I'm a proud supporter and volunteer of the Tasini for NY State Senate campaign. Get out and vote on September 12th, NY state primary.]


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